Spring RPGs

We’re a week away from Wild ARMs 4, and about a month from Grandia III. I preordered both of those today, but have literally heard next to nothing on either of these games. Anyone want to educate me?

There’s a new Grandia coming out? Sweet, thanks for the heads up.

Well, one thing I know for sure about Wild Arms 4 is that the sound track sucks compared to the 3rd one.

YAY!!! New games for me to play.:slight_smile:

Wild Arms 4…whatever happen to the remake of Wild Arms 1?

Alter Code: F? It’s been out for a while, I have it right here.

If you’ve already got them preordered, and you know you’re going to buy them, do you really want to know a lot about them? When I start a game, I like to know as little as possible about it, so that everything’s a surprise.

I think I heard that Grandia III takes place…in the skies, like in a Skies of Arcadia-esque universe, and the main character wants to be a pilot something.

I think…WA4 takes place in a western setting heavily inspired by the cowboy genre. It might have Tools also added in the gameplay, but whooo knows.

Well I know those are coming out soon, I also happen to know that .hack//G.U is coming out February 1st and that Secret of Mana for PS2 is also close to releasing as well ^^ … oh yeah and also Kingdom Hearts 2 is coming out in March and Code Age Commanders is also due out soon… the year of the RPG and square-enix (all the after FF7’s and other rpgs).

I thought that was still TBA. Any idea on when is the US release?

Well if you check EBgames.com it says the release date is February 1st 2006… apparently the G.U came out in japan december 31st 2005.

Speaking of hack sign, can anybody here tell me what happens at the end of the first series of hack games? because in the G.U trailer, the character that the player controlled in the first series comes back in G.U and completely owns the G.U main character… so anybody care to shed some light on the subject? :slight_smile:

I’m still amazed at people buying games about which they don’t know much. :smiley:

More about the Grandia, please… I’ve never played anything in the series, though.

Well I saw one of my friends play the first two games in the first series but I never really picked up… until now that is :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently WA4 is a complete change from the rest of the series. No more tools, and the battle system has been totally redesigned. There’s a review up on RPGamer.

And yeah… WA: ACF has been out for a while. While there are some awesome things in it, I’m still kind of disappointed. Still, it’s probably the best RPG remake in existence.

[SPOILER].hack//GAMES: After a huge epic battle against the last Phase (It’s not exactly this, but the Phases are more or less Morganna split in eight pieces) all the cast sans Kite is Data Drained (Instant comatose). Kite does a desperate final attack and strikes, but Aura gets in the middle and he ends up stabbing both her and Corbenik (The Eighth Phase). This was on purpose: Once Morganna resumed her original function of feeding data to Aura, the real, sentient and autonomous Aura was born. All the comatose players regained consciousness and you get a chance to play with Orca, Helba, Tsukasa, Subaru and Sora (They made him speak L337 for fucks’s sake!), a horrible horrible dungeon in which you revive Mia (Maha from //SIGN and one of the Phases) and a fucking endless gear-grinding side-quest.

.hack//Legend of the Twilight bracelet: Since CyberConnect announced that only the manga is cannon, this is mostly it: Aura organized a huge ass plot involving giving a newbie player called Shugo and his twin sister Rena a copy of Kite and Blackrose’s avatars, as well as a powered-down copy of the Twilight Bracelet to the kid. She also cloned herself into a “daughter” called Zefie, a little girl who is more or less almighty while in the game and grows enormously attached to Shugo. After a whole bunch of irrelevant stuff happens, the truth is revealed:

Shugo and Rena used to live next to Blackrose and her brother Kazu, when Shugo was little he used Kazu’s account to log in and ran into the child-like Aura (Right after //SIGN). Thinking the girl was another human, he made friends with her until he logged out and never saw her again. In the present time, Aura wanted to make true Shugo’s old dream (“To become a hero”). Also, Balmung and Mistral explain that Aura grows and evolves trough interaction with humans. So to sum it up: Aura messed around with the system for a little fun. This installment especially serves to wrap up everything that was left from .hack//AI Buster. The story ends with everyone sitting around in Twilight (The area where Tsukasa used to hide and Aura’s new home) and the somewhat confusing suggestion that Aura might have a crush on Shugo.[/SPOILER]

The character you saw is not Kite (As far as anyone knows). It’s a new unknown player called Tri-Edge that was somewhat foreshadowed during the Twilight manga. Nothing is known about him for now.

By the way, there’s something you may want to know: The announced characters in G.U. have “titles”. This isn’t new, like with “Balmung of the Azure Sky”, but their titles are the same as the Phases’. For example the main character, Haseo, is known as “The Terror of Death”, which was Skeith’s (The first Phase) name.

Wow sweet! Thanx alot Seraphim, makes me wanna buy the game even more now ^^

No problem. I read a bit and it seems Zefie is included in the new saga, so some of the //Legend of Twilight cast might be too. I really hope Mireille and Kamui are in it and that Balmung doesn’t revert back to his old silent character.

Waiting for ToP and KH2.
So MS Saga/Gundam True Oddyssey any good? Pretty graphics, but that’s all I know.

.hack//G.U hasn’t been announced for a US release. EB just has a filler date up. You’ll notice that BandaiGames.com doesn’t have an entry for it yet, and Gamestop (which is the same company as EB) doesn’t even have a listing yet. I have no idea why EB was taking pre-orders so early, nor why they put the date so early.

As for the PS2 Mana game, there’s been no US announcement there, either, but odds are that it’s coming here. Likely not for several months, though.

Well I think it’s safe to say that the PS3 will only come out next fall… considering the number of games that are coming to PS2 I doubt we’ll even see it this year althought sources still point to xmas 2006 and some point to spring… highly unlikely :S