Spring rocks!

Just FYI.

You know what rocks more? Cloth Hat.

Cloth Hat rocks!

I’d say that nothing rocks quite like a rock.
It has that certain rock-ness that just you can’t deny.

I’m certain that the citizens of a certain town that used to be in Kansas, that has since been relocated to the Wonderful land of Oz more-or-less, will agree with your synopsis that Spring can Rock. Rock you like a Tor-na-do! \m/

Quoted for prosperity

~Spring is here, Spring is here.
Life is Skittles and life is beer~

Yeah…now that summer’s pretty much here.

I finally got my Malchazeen last night. I’ve had my gladiator shanker for a while now.

Mutilate rocks!

Tank top weather! Gorgeous babes emerging from their winter furs everywhere, baby! And the upcoming summer is said to be even hotter than the last one. T-shirts and shorts should be enough, but noo, the weather wants people to do indecent exposure due to the lack of cool days. Reasons to hate the upcoming summer: Too hot.

Hot girls aren’t the only ones who wear skimpy clothing. Bleagh.

Feel the power of the sun, Fins! Skimpy clothing is the greek standard for 9 months out of 10. Rinn’s caveeat applies.

chuh can eat my dick >:/

spring’s cool tho

My favorite season is Fall - all the holidays.

Chuh’s gaping maw can indeed eat your dick. Especially since he doesn’t have to eat all that much.

Your calendar only has ten months in a year?

Er, yeah! Blue-hued ponies and 5 days a week. Mea culpa.

Allergies FTL. Another half a year of sneezing, stinging eyes, numb head and other assorted crap.

Bloody hell no it doesn’t. At least not with those fucking poplar trees to deal with. 'ey can all go burn in hell for getting my one allergy going and ruining the whole of outdoors for two weeks every year

Fucking poplar fluff crap >.<

Slightly allergic to just about everything and living in “The City of Birches” (birch pollen! Whee…) :S

(It’s true, that’s what Umeå is called sometimes. There’s birches everywhere.)

Pollen doesn’t rock!