Spring breaks

Alright kids, when are your spring breaks and what the hell are you planning to do in them?

Spring break? Man, I miss having those. :smiley:
I don’t have any big vacationy plans this year, at least not until after I buy my new place to live. I have to see how far back I’ll be set, whee!

I second that :D. Good luck house hunting, its been a fucking bitch for me.

I;m going to DisneyLand!

Ah, spring break. Sounds nice. Wonder what it’s like?

Mine’s in March (on my birthday :D) and I’m not planning anything big at the moment. I’ll just be happy to not have any essays due.

I’ll probably be out of school by then, so I’ll in all liklihood be working and then going to florida with my girlfriend and visiting family. Going to the beach and getting a tan and then going back for a long night. Sounds great.

I am not in school this year, so I have no spring break. My sister’s spring break will probably come in a few weeks, so we shall probably just visit my cousin and her husband and their new baby, who live across the border in Bellingham.

Wow, I feel guilty. Mine is in mid-March, and I will be heading up North to Chicago and Madison for at least a part of it. Otherwise, all I know is that I don’t want to stay home. Travel is my only escape from this swamp in which I live.

I don’t have school anymore, but when I used to have spring breaks, I always planned lots of homework and school projects to catch up with, but ended up doing nothing. :smiley:

My spring break begins March 21. I plan on seeing all my friends and possibly doing all my homework.

My spring break is sometime in March.

I’ll probably spend it doing RPGC work. Whee!!!

WoW, and now that I will be able to drive, random visits to Elizabeth’s house and to a pool.

Mine’s in Apirl. :\ While my Orchestra class is going to Diseny World… I’m staying here at home. So, I gotta GET out of the house as much as possible.

Mine’s in March, and so far I don’t have any plans.

Mine’s in March. Hopefully my sister will be coming over for springbreak ^^

Spring Break???!?!?! What’s that?

It’s been a while since I had a spring break.

Last spring break I had, I dropped out of college because my job was demanding too much from me.

my spring break is sometime in february, and it’s just a thursday and a friday off. I probably won’t do anything special, maybe drink with my friend who is turning 19.

Mine’s like March 21 to the 26 or so.

Mine’s mid-March. I have no plans with friends, and no plans with family since my father’s winter break doesn’t coincide with my Spring Break this year.