Spring Break!!!!

Spring break starts for me today.

When does yours start and what do you plan on doing over it?

Mine starts at the end of next week.

I’m going to spend it doing NOTHING! NOTHING!!! AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!! I HATE YOU DAD!!!

Actually, that’s yet to be determined. But. shrug

Mine starts monday. I’m not doing anything. Maybe write, I don’t know. I do know I won’t be on RPGC during the break though, unless by some miracle.

Sports break ended Monday and Easter break starts in 3.5 weeks. <3 Sweden.

I get none, I’m on correspondance courses and therefore am responsible for my own studies :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine ends Sunday. Then about 1.5 months of no breaks before summer.

I wanna walk to toronto. It’d only take 50 hours. Other than that, I’m just gonna be studying Hiragana.

I’m going to do shrine stuff…and I will shop, oh yes, i will shop. Other than that, Im just going to chill.

My spring break is not next week, but the one after it. I’ll visit my girlfriend at her college and have an overnight at at least one of my possible transfer colleges.

Should be nice.

Mine starts in a week or two, and I will probaly end up doing nothing but work. So it sucks.

Mine starts today. I’m leaving tomorrow morning.

Basically I’m going to be meeting a few friends of mine that go to the same college as me and happen to live near me as well. I’m also going to go shopping for a digital camera. My parents got new cats that I get to meet. I imagine that I’m going to go to work for my dad for a day or two.

That and I get to miss my new girlfriend :wink:

Mines in like, April. That sucks. I hate you ALL!!! ;_;

Yeah!!! Spring break!!! I’m going to run for president and go to disney land!!! yeah!!! yeah!!

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Yeah!!! Spring break!!! I’m going to run for president and go to disney land!!! yeah!!! yeah!!

I think ill go do that too.

heck lets just become president of Disney land, since eisner got kicked out, and they are all argueing about who is to take over.

Mine was last week.
It wasn’t much of a break. Much like all breaks are to me.

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Spring break starts for me today.


I’m going to Miami for mine for a week.

And I bet you’re going on a plane, ASS! Join the cool kids. Make pilgrimages to faraway cities by foot. Me and Kero do it, so we’re the only cool people, but you can be a cool people too if you do it!

I’m not exactly sure right now when my spring break starts, but I do know that I’ll be doing the same thing I do every year… absolutely nothing. Hopefully though, one of my friends from California will be able to come up for a visit. So that’s something to look forward to.

Mine started today, and I start school again Tuesday after next.

I graduated last week. yay me