Spreading yourself too thin...

That probably has happened to you, or is happening to you. Too much gaming, not enough time. I don’t know how many games I’m currently trying to finish, but it’s a long list. It’s seriously cut off the fun from video gaming for me, it almost feels like a chore to finish games now…

Ever happened to you?

I’ve been in this very predicament for several years now. I can think of 10+ games that I have started recently that I would like to finish, and dozens more that I want to start. If only playing assloads of games would pay the bills, cuz it definitely feels like a job at times.

Pretty much how I feel at the moment. Hell, one of my friends just found out he had purchased, or at least, gotten somewhere, FF9. He bought Silent Hill 3, but never took it out of it’s casing because he doesn’t have time to play.

Yeah its happening to me right now, must finish SH4 the room, SH3, Xenosaga, Disgaea, a lots of independant modules which I took on the net for NWN, Dawn of Souls(the remake of FF2 only, already beat FF1 which was freakin’ easy) and Resident Evil Code Veronica X. Just finished Bloodlines.

Thats about it.

Working on Xenogears, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Final Fantasy 2 (GBA), and Shadow Hearts. I have a lot of work to do, and I’m gonna be getting WoW.

That seems to be happening to a lot of people right now, it’s probably because of the sheer volume of good games just released because of the Christmas season, and because a lot of people cut back on their gaming time to finish the semester.

Unfortunately, this problem has been driving one too many hardcore gamers over to the collector side of gaming, and even worse has spawned the Collector types who haven’t played anything–" I every single Squaresoft, Enix, and SquareEnix title, but i have only played final fantasy VII, X, and X-II, and no, i did not complete them, I just don’t have the time anymore" I know of quite a few these, and I hate to say, that the way the market is being driven, all the signs point to the fact that it would be so much easier to do so, but i think that is the current goal of most developers/programmers, since collectors buy only on the criteria of title or developer, they are the perfect customer, they buy ALL of the games, reguardless of progress in any of them, and thusly they don’t know how bad they are getting, but they keep on buying. I am not too much of a social person, but I still get the call for social occasions, however, most of which i turn down, because I have a tall order to meet, and I refuse to give up. I find it best to just not stop gaming when at home, like this message for instance, took almost thirty minutes to write because, since i finished FF Dawn of Souls, and Kuon yesterday, I am just now almost able to finish Baten Kaitos, and that will about catch me up until Kindom Hearts 2 comes out. Fortunately, one of my two jobs is at a Babbage’s, so I can almost always get any game no matter what the day it comes out. I am not pretending that any of you cared enough to know all that I have shared in this post, but I am still under the same pressure you speak of, and I still feel icky speeding through games that so much time has been spent on, just so that I can keep up with them as they come out, barely. Someday, when I retire, (after having reached the rank of Heavenly Knight) I really want to go through the games that have come out in the last two or so years and on, with my naturally thorough nature, and not just beat them to not feel obligated to do so. Sorry, got a little longwinded there.

Your text broke my eyeballs. This is an RPG forum here mister, we dun’ apprec’ate you and your fancy fonts in this town. >=(

Congratulations, you have described my life over the last few years.

I still have C&C: Generals, No one lives forever, and various others that I own but haven’t even TOUCHED >:(

FFTA, Vagrant Story, Valkyrie Profile, Suikoden II and training to beat Indalecio Limiter Off in Star Ocean 2. I don’t ususally do this though, I tend to stick to one game until it’s finished and then move on.

hey i need help on star ocean till the end of time! im in the bequerel mines where you go to get the copper and im stuck in a room where there is a platform that when you step on it all of the lights go on and it has three dragon statues the thingy said that i should go forth but not alone and i know that it has somthing to do with my shadow but i just cant figure it out please help me!!! thanx in advance :kissy:

I know this will sound weird, but I actually finish a game before starting a new one.

That wasn’t sarcasm, by the way, no-matter how much it sounded like it.

I actually like it. And this Iga, is why you play MMORPGs. I’m even neglecting my GCN and DS now with WoW. I don’t really care about other games. Just WoW. The only time I really play other games is when I’m with friends, and even then, that’s only about half the time. The other half is us just finishing up a game of “Whoever wins get to play WoW” and then playing it/watching whoever is playing. But, if there is a game, so righteous, so awesome, I will take a break from WoW to play it. (Such as Mario, Metroid, Zelda)

Oh, I’ve been doing this for so long now. I even have a list of games I own but haven’t gotten around to playing!

I think that currently I have FF2 (from Origins, and I barely started it), Xenogears, Dragon Warrior 7, Lunar 2, and Wild ARMs 2 (barely started that too, but I might sell it) to complete. I’m on a second playthrough of FFX-2 to get 100%, but I have a feeling I’ll need to start that over since it’s been so long. I still have Harvest Moon: BtN on my shelf unplayed (and Ori hates me for it, but he’s still okay anyway, lol). Then I go starting a thread about whether I should try Kingdom Hearts again.

Maybe it’ll sound inappropriate, but in a very odd way it’s like prolonging the sex - once the game’s completed, it’s over! No more! Come back next time! I just have trouble making myself end it, lol.

I’ve started many games, without finishing them… I usually buy a game, play it until I either beat it, or get a new game, then repeat.

I have yet to complete Final Fantasy 4, Chrono Cross, Legend of Dragoon, Xenosaga, Final Fantasy Tactics, Resident Evil Outbreak, Resident Evil, Risk, Nightmare Creatures, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and a whole shit load of others.

Doom 3 and Xenogears. Also playing Pharoah just for shits ‘n’ giggles. Haw, sucks to be you guys.

Megaman X: Command Mission (24 hours of playtime in a mere 48 hours…)
MM Legends 2 (Got it two months ago… probably played for 2 hours)
Doom 3 (Slow and steady. One stage at a time. Brain-clearing wonder.)
Breath of Fire 4 (Again! 40 hours!)
FFX-2 (BUT I WANT 100%…)
San Andreas (See Doom 3)


-Phantom Brave
-Parasite Eve
-Shin Megami Tensei : Nocturne
-FFO (both 1 and 2)
-Star Ocean 2
-Thousand Arms
-Star Ocean 3
-Kingdom Hearts : Chain of Memories
-Tactics Ogre : The Knight of Lodis
-Skies of Arcadia : Legends
-Eternal Darkness
-Command Mission

Plus, the myriad of fighting games that I have and haven’t unlocked everything yet (SF:Anniversary Collection, CFE, Maximum Impact), plus, I’m probably forgetting a shitload of games. By the way, I finished San Andreas and Fight for New York (had to finish it since I finished the first), so it’s not like I’m not playing them.

Do not get me started on my backlog. Seriously. I’m not going to make a list, but let it be known that it rivals most of yours. @_@

Yeah, but have you shelled out almost 1000$ on games in the past 4 months alone?