I want this game. NOW!!!

500,000 suns

2,000,000 planets

Start as single celled organisms and advance to an interstellar age.

Yeah, it should definitely be good.


It looks fun. I’m gonna have to buy it.

I wants! ( and have since it was first revealed. )

This is awesome. =D~~~

What’s even more awesome is how Mr. Wright is revolutionizing the industry with the addition of easy-to-make player content. He said his design team only has ~70 people because players will be creating most of the content; the pros just work on algorithms and behind-the-scenes mechanics.

Yup, everything is procedurally made, meaning you’ll be hard pressed to clone anything anyone else makes in the game.


… oh, and I can imagine trying to explain this to someone who knows buggerall about computers, and saying that “procedural” means “the computer makes shit up as it goes along.”

Even the texturing is procedural, which really gets my motor going :wink:

The pure editibility of this wants me to jump up and shoot in the air.

Heh … remember that half-hour-long clip that was posted earlier? The trailer feels like a “time compressed” version of that that doesn’t explain anything.

Jeeze, only 2,000,000 planets? It’ll be a cold day in hell when I buy this game, and hell isn’t cooling anytime soon. Also, i’m going to make a squid creature to smash you all!:ulty:

I still can’t believe that the game updates itself. And if I remember correctly, Wright said something about being able to go to other players planets and being able to conquer them.

I saw a clip awhile back of Robin Williams playing Spore at a presentation. It was funny.

I wonder what the necessary specs required for this game will be?

Not exactly. As you create a species, it’s transmitted online and available as an AI character for someone else’s games. You don’t really encounter other people’s worlds, just worlds of species created by other players. That way, no one destroys someone else’s game experience.

Heh. Y’know, it occurs to me about when the flying saucer gets attacked by the natives, and retaliates by blowing up the planet, I couldn’t help but think: well, you’re attacking aliens who clearly have enough tech to travel through space. What were you expecting?