Spore for the DS??

Clicky clicky.

It would be be seriously awesome if those without jillion-dollar vid cards would still get a chance to experience Spore.

Spore won’t be very video card intensive. It’s mostly CPU intensive :x

Although this is a reason for me to steal my sister’s DS

Despite me owning a DS, I will not purchase this. Spore screams for the modding community that only the PC can deliver.

Rhaka, each time I see your new avatar I feel someone has paid an aerobic instructor to shape me up. “Get off your seat, bitch. We’ll first do an easy one”.

Spore is a great excuse to upgrade my pc.

I’m gonna need to get a PC before I can upgrade it. Unless anyone knows how to upgrade a laptop.


bigbangwhatthefuckgetabettername, stop posting in weeks-old threads.

Or at all. Whichever comes first.