Spore Creature Creator Creations

Gentlemen… BEHOLD!!


And the one above it is Mr. Chickpea.

Anyone else been tinkering around with Spore or the free Creature Creator?

…I… Hate… Leopard… Why does my PC have to suck and why does my Mac have to be a Tiger. I hate the world even more now… I’ve been looking forward to this since Game Informer announced it. Now I can’t even play it. I hate my Mac…

Face it, the Mac sucks and the only good thing Apple produced is the 'pod.

Fixed that for you. Ipods are horrible in just about every category as far as music players go, provided you possess the skills to actually shop around.

Derails aside, Spore Creature Creator is absolutely fantastic and I’m having a blast making some of the strangest things. I want the full game quite badly now =)

The Mac is amazingly better than Windows, I’m just to poor to get the newest computer.

And lazy. Very, very lazy.

Shut up and post about Spore.