Spoilsbury Toast Boy Minus 1

Here it is, the anticipated prequel to the bizarre flash Spoilsbury Toast Boy

For those who have seen the original, watching this will give you a better idea of what’s going on…

And for those who haven’t seen the original, or any of David Firth’s other films, I issue a warning…Be prepared for a strange experience

This movie can be viewed here

And here’s the original for those who haven’t seen it.

Yaay! More Firth weirdness :smiley:

Please die. Those are totally fucked up.

Weebl > David Firth

David Firth is the Flash equivalent of Aphex Twin.

EDIT: Whose music he uses. He’s got taste I’ll give him that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not today I won’t my friend.

You can’t say I never warned you.

Still. I expected like gore and violence.

It was kind of cool.

Not worth cookies, it’s not even worth toast.

It’s not worth a message saying “Not worth cookies, it’s not even worth toast.”.

Nulani, you rock.

… intresting. But I’ll leave because I have to seemingly go soon. I won’t just I think people would rather me not on, is that right? Not this site but another site worth of stupid people and controlled by the glitches.

The glitches What the hell have you been smokin’?

Yes! You are correct!