These games ruled. I mean, the first one had Mortal Kombat beat on gore (you even fight the freaking first boss in a room full of human intestines!), the weapons were cool and bloody, and you got to punch zombies. That’s right, punch zombies. No more wimpy shotguns and AKs, let’s punch the rotting bastards!

The entire game was basically a parody of those b-grade horror movies that everyone loves to hate. You’re Rick, a guy that goes with his girlfriend Jennifer to study at an old mansion. You get attacked by monsters the moment you arrive. Rick wakes up to find himself lying in a pool of his own blood, near death. A strange mask lies nearby, beconing him to put it on. When he does so, he turns into a hulked-out psycopath bent on killing the monsters and saving Jennifer. Okay, the plot sucks, but that was only the first two.

The third one actually did something interesting. Each level had a time limit on it, like many games do. However, what the time limit did was dictate what happened to the various characters and levels. For example:

If you run out of time in the first level, Jennifer gets killed. If you beat it before losing all your time, she’ll be alive, but infected by a Burrow Worm.

And that’s all for my rant.

I’ve never played them, but I’d like to. There’s a really nice site about these games hosted by Classicgaming.com that I’ve checked out, due to curiosity more than anything.

And BTW, Galloway, if you’re looking for a same-but-different avvie, I think that somewhere in the site is a nice animated gif from 3 of Rick transforming into “Uber-Rick” and back. :o
Just some food for thought.

nothing’s quite as refreshing as beating the crap out of decaying corpses after a hard day’s work… i was specially fond of beating the little buggers with my trusty pipe (on splatterhouse 2) and watch them splatter into the walls… ahhhh…

Now there’s a quality family game that’s tasty!!!

Does the said mansion have lots of skulls laying around, and incorporated into the furniture? If not, it quite frankly sucks. nod, nod

It doesn’t sound like a game I’d spend my time on. Maybe a lunchbreak; when I’m very pissed at something, or someone.