Spirts Within

would this have done better if it didint have the Final Fantasy name?

No, it would have sucked just as much. :booster:

the reoson it flopped was because it was Final Fantasy
and it had nothing Final Fantasy in it
(Cid was Sid)

And if it hadn’t had “Final Fantasy” in the title, no one would have cared enough to watch it.

No, it sucked because of a cliched plot, lack of character development, horrible voice acting, and a lame ending.

it reminded me a lot of FF7 in a way, the whole, “Earth is alive and cause we are screwing with it it’s going to die” sorta theme, only add in the spirits of quasi-humanoid and insectoid beings from another planet, and a entirely boring plot, then you’ve got the Final Fantasty tie-in.

I actually liked the movie. It wasn’t unbelievably amazing, but then most movies aren’t. And it got a thumbs up from Roger Ebert, so that must mean something. :sunglasses:

Spirits Within didnt NEED the Final Fantasy title to sell. CG movies are becoming common place and the only people who have a perfect track record with this media so far is Pixar. They’ve yet to make a movie that WASNT a block buster. Now, whether or not you all didnt like Pixar’s movies is fine, but the fact that they were block busters says somthing. Spirits Within was a really well done CG movie, and that was a good selling point. Perhaps if the same effort went into the story and scripting that they put into the visual aspects it would have been more memorable.

Pixars “cartoons” have been comedies. If they made a “serious” movie dealing with life and death, i bet it wouldnt do so well. CG movies werent really that big here int he US when TSW came out. I really dont get what people complain about it. Granted, it wasnt the best CG movie around, it certainly isnt the worst.

Me and my friends liked it a lot! It’s one of my favorite movies and I don’t really care what other people say about it.

Well there’s a lot of FF fans out there, so that could have gauranteed its success even though most people just brushed the movie off. i think people had their expectations too high.

Yeah, TSW was a pretty bad movie all around. Having Final Fantasy in the title just gave it that first weekend of being #1.

The point isnt what kind of movies they were, and besides, under all the comedy and gags, most of (all) pixar’s movies have had a serious theme that can bring a tear to someones eyes. Especially toystory, I mean, the friendship theme in those two movies was really deep.

Just because it comes off as a “cartoon” doesnt mean you should degrade it so much. And alot of the jokes in those movies are subtle jokes that kids wouldnt get, thus making it a great movie for adults as well. :moonwalk:

How could a lot of people, even though they knew nothing of Japanese media, figure out the movie had a bad plot?

Eberts full of shit.
I trust Roeper better.
but the most trustworthy critic is Leonard Maltien.

You haven’t seen too many movies then.

Since when can you not judge something beacuse it isn’t American?

well, shows like toy Story are more flashy, and cartoony… and behave in ways people expect cartoons to. They arent running around, out of breath, or getting killed, so people can recieve them much better. Whereas, the more serious CG movies are looked down on because it’s too serious to be a “cartoon”, and the anime fans dont like it because it’s CG, not traditional anime… Allthough it is a good show, it gets cut down by the hardcore fans of the different worlds.

Actually, the movie is American. It was developed solely at the Square office in Hawaii.

Really? Wow, I must remember it even less than I thought.

Spirits Within is like a modren pop star; Nice to look at, but otherwise not worth your time.