Spiderman TV series

The worst part is that this actually seems legit. I couldn’t believe Marvel had sinked this low.

This is just a small sample.

Clicka. I suggest saving to your disk.

Fortunately, it probably won’t air on this hemisphere.

They’ve “sinked” this low before. In the 70’s. Probably having to do with <i>The Incredible Hulk</i> and <i>Wonder Woman</i>.

I’ll have to check the dates though.

I’m pretty sure this was a series released in the 1970s, in Japan no less. I’ve definitely seen footage this bad of Spiderman before. Like, years ago.

The Hulk series from the 70’s or 80’s was okay, I like that over the last Hulk film. And yep, this is from Japan, and I too am sure of it being from the 70’s.

This is what you get when you mix Spiderman with Ninja Jiraiya and Jaspion.

By the way, he’s web spinners look like his clone’s webball shooters. Did that character exist in the 70’s already?

The similarity to the Scarlet Spider’s web slingers is due more to a lack of technology in the 70s rather than ripping off the clone.

Oh man, I forgot about this. CHANGE PETER PARKER XD

Anyway, yeah, it was in the 70’s, Japan only, and I think it was on of the first Japanese shows to use big sentai mechs or somehting.

Oh, I knew about this series long ago, but never had the chance to see a clip before. Thanks, Ren. :smiley:

What amazed me was not the giant robot, but the fact that, other than the costume and name, this character had NOTHING to do with the Spider-Man legend. In fact, he was supposed to be an alien!! I guess Marvel was willing to whore its characters for money back then (and they STILL do, but now they can actually make SOME demands about the story etc., thanks to the popularity of their latest movies.) Can you imagine growing up on Japan and then watching the first Spider-Man movie and going, “Hey! They changed the story! Where’s Leopardon??”


So when exactly did spiderman get a megazord?

:moogle: Zordon must of had a spare.

[QUOTE=cait sith So when exactly did spiderman get a megazord?

:moogle: Zordon must of had a spare.[/QUOTE]

well he obviously stole it. he raided another show and took it when no one was looking.