Sperms and eggs

I found this image on Wikipedia… Isn’t it mesmerizing how much larger the lady’s bit is?

The size of the problems caused is much, much bigger.

It’s not the size, it’s the quantity.

I feel the same is true about penises. Mine may be small, but together, they can do a damned fine job.

The smaller they are, the more power they pack!

Next time you boil an egg, take a look at pretty much the same thing on a different species. And consider the size difference between the species themselves…!

I’m trying to re-read this over and over to figure out what you meant to say, but the only interpretation that makes any sense is that you have multiple penii. That are small. And shriveled.

Thought he meant that small penii were more powerful than the lager ones, but you might be right, could it be that Arac is a multi penial mutant?

I think he was saying that his penis is smaller than his girlfriend’s vagina, but hey, they still have a good time.

I see.

Jizz and Poop is what this is.

Sil…sometimes you worry me. >_>