Spells & Whistles

It’s a fairly new webcomic that I started reading, and I think it’s worth a recommendation. I don’t follow up on many of these, but this one’s actually quite good.

<a href=“http://www.spellsandwhistles.net/”>t3h l1nk</a>

I have been following this one for awhile, and I must say, I likes it. I likes it a lot. I would definately reccomend it.

Hm, I like it. First webcomic that seems like being drawn by a professional that I’ve seen in a while.

Semi-worth cookies!

I like it alot.

Nice. :smiley:

I’m gonna follow this one. I still like 8BT better. is contemplating getting a WM t-shirt >.>

Agree with Cala. This one is pretty good though. The artistry reminds me of PA.