Speed of light barrier broken...supposedly

Or so says these guys.

Wonder what sort of genie is going to pop out of that bottle. >_>

If this is really true, it’s fascinating.

…it also somehow made me want and rewatch Gunbuster for whatever reason…

Eh. I kinda figured this would happen. Half of space fucks up our theories of space and time. Relativity was bound to go at some point. Physics is the most balls-to-the-walls science, by far.

Physics is the only science, the others are merely stamp-collecting.

Agh. Why must my world understanding be ruined?

No wait, I don’t understand anything. Skip that. Very fascinating, however.

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I just have to remember that so I can see what my science teachers think of it :D.

They broke the speed of light using light? Doesn’t that merely prove that it isn’t a constant?

I think they are talking about group velocity of the sent EM waves exceeding the speed of light, which is nothing new, since wave modulation is unable to carry any information. The author of the article probably just misunderstood the scientists, and, unfortunately, a lot of papers get publicity by being misunderstood. Now if they could coax information or energy to be sent at faster than c, then that would be something.

Of course there’s a speed faster than light! How else can the lights mounted on a car move!?

Also, damn you physics!


Uhhh…There lying. Simple as that.

In the time dilation equation, which they mentioned in the article:
t = t(initial) / ((1 - v^2/c^2)^1/2), makes it impossible for anything to go faster than light – you can’t squareroot a negative number!

EDIT: I do, however, also agknowlegde that there have been severeal instences in the past where modern math has been proven wrong before, and that this could be another of those times.

Also this is like saying that Assembly is the only coding language, a synthesizer capable of reproducing any sound the only requirement for a musical masterpiece, or that the Cid from FFI is the only Cid :[

Edit: P.S. They never once mentioned time dilation in the article :[

And what really makes that last example work/humorous, of course, is that there ISN’T a Cid in FFI.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to break the light barrier and reply to this thread before Trilly starts it…

they mearly changed the speed of light. making it easier to go faster than it. now the speed of light is like 30 mph.

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That would be why they’re saying this proves a good deal of the current laws of physics, Time Dilation included, wrong.

In other Physics News, entropy still says “Fuck you.”

Young lady, in this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics!

As I’ve always understood it, the only way to break the light barrier is by “cheating” (i.e. wormholes, warping space around you so it travels faster than light while you are relatively inert, other stuff that I’ve probably only half understood and would get completely wrong if I tried to actually discuss them, etc …), and I’m pretty sure “just because you’ve done it with a photon doesn’t mean you can do it with a starship” has been pretty well stated by other people here.

They did “cheat”, by using Quantum Tunnelling. The spaceship issue you present is quite true, but the fact that it’s possible with photons at all is a massive step.