Speed Metal

I’m putting togather a travel CD for my trip back home to Kentucky this week and I have alot of MP3s… But my Speed Metal Folder hasnt seen much love lately, any suggestions?

I REALLY F**KING LOVE songs like:
Aces High (Iron Maiden)
Holy Thunderforce (Rhapsody)
And other songs that have that “Ultra Speed Megaman X when he was on the SNES” Style… Namely, Aces High reminds me of MMX, which is what I am looking for.

I’ve just found another group called Hammerfall and like what I hear so far… ROCK ON…!!!

Please help asap, as I need to make the CD by the end of today! O_O

As an added and important note, due to my lack of time, I’d appriciate specific songs as well, While I love listening to all that I can get of each artist I just dont have time, so if you know SPEED METAL songs that are similar to what I listed that is exactly what I am looking for… TY

Wooo thanks for the advice!

We aren’t on these forums 24/7, deal with it.