Speed Grapher

I started watching this series not to long ago,for those who haven’t seen the series before here’s a small summary:

The main character is a photographer named Saiga,years ago he photographed the events of a war were he almost died,nowadays he’s just photographing boring polititians,when he hears about this secret club where only a select few may enter and were they can get theire greatest desires he dicedes to investigate,when he infiltrates the club he stumbles upon a ceremony,were he is kissed by a "goddess"and he is granted his greatest deepest desire the ability to kill with is camara.

I have to say this is a great series I have been introduced to,the animation is great,and the plot is very interesting,I demand you watch it NOW!!

You just started watching the show. It could end up really sucking

It seems like every show is a must-see these days

Up to that point it sounds like porn. :stuck_out_tongue:

It also has quite a shock factor,nothing extremly strong or anything,but seeing a woman eat another womans finger for her diamond ring,and seeing a dancer break a little girls arm just because it wouldn’t bent enough,will leave quite a shock.

Didn’t shock me

Then again, Hoshin Engi mangas didn’t make me cry