Speaking of the GIA...

I thought this discovery deserved a new thread, sorry Sat. 8p I somehow stumbled upon this site during a generic Google search. If any of you remember Erin Mehlos, she was one of the GIA’s Double Agents (letters people) for a relatively short time near the end of its run. However, in the meantime she’s managed to grab together an archive of almost all the Double Agent columns since its inception till the end. You can see them here:


There’s some great stuff in there.

While I’m here… does anyone else remember this?

How could we forget Mysidia? I mean, seriously.

Ah yes, that’s right! I came across that page too, not long ago. I was going to include a link to it in an article I was thinking of writing, about the earlier days of online RPG communities.

Also speaking of the GIA, look at this:


Notice the grand prize winner? Anybody want to guess whether or not he got his prize?

Those fuckers even said “the winners HAVE BEEN AWARDED COPIES OF THE GAME”. What a bunch of liars. Didn’t even have the decency to use the future tense. I guess they’d be lying either way, though.