Speaking of remixes... (Chrono Trigger [both rap and symphonic])


Check it out. I don’t usually actually enjoy these rappers, but I think that this is pretty damned funny.

And for more Chrono Trigger happiness, here’s some symphonic love:


It’s torrent, but it’s worth it.

Great find! I’ve always been a fan of orchestral arrangements.

You could download from the site too. Just click the Remixes link.

Oh God, I love Chrono Symphonic. I want to find every last person to have anything to do with this BEAUTIFUL idea and kiss them. or buy them a pizza. or yes.

I actually found it to be a bit boring. I’ve found far better remixes on OC Remix. Except the vocal remix of the ending song, that was gorgeous.

Keep in mind that this is meant to be paired with a movie. There are more ‘visual’ remixes in the regular archives, like Chrono Trigger Time Chill.

I tried listening to CT symphonic and I was largely unphased, like the case with the donkey kong thing. I often had difficulty recognizing the tracks.

The rap remixes are fun to listen to. That’s a cool idea. I was a little turned off by the artists comments toward the music he chose to lay over the Chrono Trigger Soundtrack. I’ll check out the Symphonic Remix.

By the way does anyone have End of Time? I lost it in a reformat. I think that’s what it’s called…

I think you mean either Wings that Cross Time or To Faraway Times. I have the first one.