Speaking of Old Times...

I just realized that as of last Sunday it’s been a whopping five years since the FFCompendium and therefore myself officially joined RPGClassics.

…Man, that’s a long time. Shame the FFC’s so stagnant right now. -_- Still, it’s a lot more popular than it was way back when. :sunglasses:

Daaaaamn. :slight_smile:

Stagnant? I would’ve thought that EGM spot would’ve boosted you guys sky-high.

I mean in terms of actual updates. Like I said, our popularity is quite nice. :sunglasses:

Cool, Cid. By the way, I got compliments about the FFC with a fanart submission a couple of weeks ago. I told the guy I’d let you know, but apparently, I never did until now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, thanks. :sunglasses:

Partay. Congrats on the FFC. And the shrining stuff when you did it.

And thanks for all your help.

Wait, the FFC was in EGM? What issue?

It was mentioned in a couple of issues, I think.

PanamaJack made it into an issue of EGM too.

Is that where the website, FFCompendium, comes from?

Issue 180, July 2004. They have a little blurb in the “Online This Month” section, the cover should have a really big picture of Tanner from the driver series on it. I scanned them, but have since taken them off my webspace. =\

Congratulations Cid! Let’s look forward to five more great years.

… :suckah:

Anyhow, happy anniversary for both your stay and the FFC.

Cid, just for you:

The FFCompendium has been mentioned twice in Electronic Gaming Monthly - once in August 2001, and once again in July 2004. We’ve got links to the 2004 issue on the “About This Site” page in the FFC.

Seifer: Heh… when was that? :sunglasses:


Congratulations, Cid. The FFC is still THE best FF site in the Net, in my opinion.

And don’t worry too much about the updates… as soon as the next wave of FF stuff that Square is preparing arrives, I’ll bet you’ll get plenty of contribution offers again! :cool:

Like, 4 days ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

The FFC is awesome. I found out about RPGC through the FFC.

Well I believe congrats on in order for both Cid, and FFC.

So congrats. :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: