speaking of cell phones

does anybody know what filetype the phone’s sounds are? not the ringers but the other sounds used in the phone: new mail, low battery, etc.

i basically want to get some video game sound effects on there if it’s possible, tho i don’t know where to find those either.

I think they’re usually midi…unless you have a phone that can play wav or mp3s.

If your phone has the ability to assign those sounds, then they’d likely take midi.

That depends entierly on the phone. Which is it?

verizon/motorola v276. i know the ringers are midis, but i’m wondering about those other sounds too.

i did try to send a small mp3 file to my phone but it didn’t recognize .mp3 :frowning: i’ll see what happens with .wav or mp3 renamed to .mid

umm, you can’t rename mp3s to mid…they’re completely different animals. >_>

And some phones don’t use mp3’s either. The ones that don’t, however, usually take WMAs.

interesting… how do u convert mp3 to wma?

With a converter that you can probably locate at download.com.