Speaker problem

I packed all my computer stuff for a LAN party a couple days ago. My speakers were working perfectly. When I set up at my friend’s house I noticed my speakers weren’t working but the headphone jack still worked. After bringing my stuff back home
I notice that even the jack doesn’t work. I don’t know what’s wrong. The speakers still pop when I plug them in and my audio settings on my computer are fine.

Sounds like something got pulled, frayed, or knocked loose in the wiring.

Thanks for you’re help Aldred. I don’t think it was that 'cause I unplugged everything before moving , so the wiring’s intact. I just got off tech support and they’re sedning someone out to replace my soundcard FREE OF CHARGE! WOO HOO!

I wish I could find that comic strip of Pasquale being happy for no reason. I think it adequately describes my happines right now.