Space Invaders: They're baaaaAAAAAAACK!

Might be old news, but…

I stayed in a hotel a few months back that had one of the old machines, but it’s cool that there will be more. It’s still the best of those types of games.

50 cents for Space Invaders? That’s an outrage! ::dekar!::

Thats so weak…I pay a quarter at the old arcade.

Puts on Buckner&Garcia and celebrates

They’ve made some ripoff space invaders 3d PS2 game now, I think called alien invaders, and its survival horror.

I was quite good at that too. Well, the offsprings anyway.

$2000 for a cabinet? Thats really outrageous. At the arcade I worked at the machine was only $500. Looked fine too. All the original art was there. Can’t see why any of these new arcades would get one of those. All they have today is a racing game, a shooting game, and a generic fighting game.