Space Cowboys dogfighting MMO what is this madness



Looks fun. Also the first person to quote Cowboy Bebop is a huge tool.

Sweet wheels of shit this looks awesome. Registering now, thank god it doesn’t require an RRN.

Let’s get this shit right, it’s basically what we wanted from EVE?

Alright, I’ll give it a spin. I’m totally blaming you if this is going to make me to mutilate myself

Let’s see … HOW many games use the word “Gear” inappropriately? There’s Metal Gear, Guilty Gear, Heavy Gear, Xenogears … with this, we’re up to five so far.

EDIT: Anyone know why it’d say “Registration failed!” and not say why?

EDIT2: Wait, it’s because I had an apostrophe in the “security question.”

How do i got landing powers?D:

Edit: Oh okay. There’s this yellow thingy with arrows, just press C in that to land.

My name in game is Steve (whoa no one had it yet :O)

And I’m (obviously) YarKramer

Holy fucking awesome, I’ll be trying this soon enough.

well aren’t you the king of comedy. i’ll be waiting back in EVE-land when you get bored of this in a month or two, as you inevitably will!

But I canceled my subscription :frowning:
Oh yeah, there’re some poorly worded missions, too. Just accept it and look at the top for what you need to collect.

Jesus fuck this game is confusing. How I mine for fish?

Hit a rock with your fishing pole?

What happened to EVE?

Uh. Damn, the only internet connection I have this weekend is firewalled. Anyone know what ports and shit to open?

Everyone stopped playing it when they realised it required actual dedication to progress. Oh burn.

…Or maybe they just grew bored coz it only requires marginally more attention than Progress quest

My Ferox with a million kills painted on the side would disagree!

So is this MMO gonna be better than WoW too? :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t tell from the site if it’s free, is it?

Oh, and continuing off Pie, anyone named after CB characters is also a huge tool.

It’s just like any other Korean MMO. Only in 3D and with shitty controls.