But this isn’t.

Presenting…Hufu. The soy product made to feel and taste like human flesh.

So who’s hungry?

Will this be released world-wide, or just in Fiji?



hurray now zombies can eat flesh without having to kill people. now we can all live in peace.

:moogle: but now what am I suppose to shoot? vampires? those arn’t nearly as fun. ;_;

This is sure to be a hit with zombie hippies.

Sweet, those vegan zombies were getting annoying with their moaning about food and shit.

I love how we all immediately think of zombies, a fictional threat that we must all be ready for, and not of cannibals, an actual occurance that, while not much of a threat, are actually far more likely to eat any of us than a zombie.

You shut your mouth!

You ever met a Vegan cannibal? No? Then hush up with the backtalk.

Finally. Now I don’t have to pretend I haven’t seen a person when their family tell me they’ve been missing since dinner time.

Actually cannibals were the first thing I thought of. Zombies? Wtf. Let them poor zombies alone. Like they’d actually eat tofu. They don’t do it for the taste, people.
In other news:
…nyum nyum. =^^=

Who taste tests that stuff?

I would. It’d be pretty funky.

Mmmm, humans.

I didn’t think about zombies nor humans, I thought about police dogs and how this oculd be used in their training.

Zombies are neither poor, nor do they deserve to be left alone. They must be killed with the lightning fast hand of justice, for they are zombies, and deserve to die.

Are you discriminating against our Undead-Americans? Prejudice against zombies just isn’t right. They are people too you know… Rotting, undead people, but people nonetheless. We should all applaud this innovation that will help us integrate zombies more fully into our society.

Totally! They deserve a politically correct term too, y’know. >0

I prefer “living-impaired”, myself.