Soviet Union question

When it collapsed, did any type of territorial issues and border disputes arise? So far I’ve got Armenia/Azernaijan, and I’m going to look for more, but it doesn’t hurt to ask and see if anyone knows more about this stuff than I do.

edit: Oh and how did foreign relations improve? How did the Americans see them?

This isn’t what you asked for, but it may give you some extra info to mix with whatever else you’ve got.

The Soviet Union is perfect in every way. Everything is fine, nothing is broken. There are no seceding states. Do not believe these lies.

Thanks muchly, Seraphim. I’ll check it out. Pierson go think of something constructive to add hiss

Most ex-Soviet states got into border disputes with Russia, naturally, but only a few got into disputes with each other. As far as I was taught the states were too busy trying not to collapse in on themselves to fight each other.

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It’s not that much different, really… Russia composed of like 99% of the Soviet Union anyway.

Maybe there’s something here?

wikipedia is my saviour. That was my first source :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, there were a bunch of issues with Ukraine, resulting in a small part of Russia being separated from the main country. It’s still part of Russia, but it’s on the other side of Ukraine. Ukraine also complained about naval borders (i.e. who was allowed to enter certain waters in bays shared by Russia and Ukraine), but that got resolved recently. Also, the province of Chechnya claimed independence from Russia, but Russia didn’t recognize it, a situation that led to two wars in the region and numerous terrorist attacks carried out by Chechens. Chechens have also raided the neighbouring province of Dagestan in an attempt to annex it. Lastly, South Ossetia, a province in the former Soviet republic of Gruzia (which is called “Georgia” in the West for some reason), wants to secede from Gruzia and rejoin Russia, because of strong cultural ties between Ossetians and Russians (also, its sister province of North Ossetia remained part of Russia). However, the strongman currently in charge of Gruzia is threatening them with war in the event of their secession.