South Park WoW

Here is a hilarious video about south park and WoW. It’s south parks 1008 episode.

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How can you kill that which has no life?

Pretty funny, though it needed more mocking of Blizzard instead of MMOs in general.

We can’t trust the Sword of a Thousand Truths to a n00b!

That was a great episode. XD

I found that episode to be crap actually.

I haven’t seen South Park in quite some time, but I remember that all episodes that I saw were actually funny. This one had some highlights but it wasn’t really <I>funny</I>.
(Not to mention that I sat there with a nagging little voice in my head that kept saying “if they’re gonna make fun of WoW they should at least have played it first”. :confused:
Mostly because a lot of the “WoW” stuff in it was, basically, total bullshit. :P)

It’s not the 1008th episode. 1008 means Season 10, Episode 08.

And honestly, that was about as accurate to the game as they could actually make it without totally alienating anyone who doesn’t play. The episode had enough inside jokes that those people wouldn’t understand anyway, the last thing they needed to do was to make it even harder for them to understand.

No no, see, the boars stop giving exp after a few levels, and thus they shouldn’t be able to grind to 50 off of them and the entire premise of the episode makes no sense whatsoever.

Or people could stop whining that the fact that they’re poopsocking off of boars isn’t realistic.

Or people could take it at face value as what it is: a joke.

It’s inaccuracies perpetuate the joke through their broad generalization. It’s probably making fun of World of Warcraft less and more of MMORPGS in general.


I didn’t think it was funny. It elicited a couple chuckles but that was it.

It’s been awhile since I’ve played WoW, but I found that episode to be fucking hilarious. I don’t watch South Park and what I have seen is just all right, but I lvoe this episode.

Sinistral doesn’t think anythings funny anymore. You need to get out more :\

Man , you have no idea how right you are, Sorc. I’m not being sarcastic.

I remember when Sin was a sexy beast who had control over all in California.

When he drops the Sword of 1000 Truths what happens to it…Some n00b probably picks it up and becomes the new Evil One.

I just got back from watching this on my brother’s TiVo and it was hilarious. I’ve never played WoW, in fact I haven’t played an MMORPG in over four years, yet I could not stop laughing.

Best line, " . . . Uh, how do you hand inventory again?"

Anyone who does not crack up at the sight of the human male dance needs help.

Yeah, I know that it was more general MMORPG than WoW, and that they probably set it in WoW to make it more recognizeable, but it just bothers me when people can’t get something that I like right.
(It’s my problem, so it’s not really a reason why the episode should be bad, but it made it even worse for me.)

But my biggest problem with it was that, well, It just wasn’t funny.
Like I said, I LOVED South Park when it started. It was the only show that I never missed (and I could miss my own birthday if people didn’t congratulate me), and if I couldn’t see it, I always saw the rerun.

But this… Just wasn’t funny. I love South Park, and I love WoW, but this was crap anyway… Oh how the mighty have fallen. :confused:

Sin needs poon. Right, Sin?

Sin was fun when he used to fuck sheep. But there’s no sheep in Montreal :frowning: