South Park Conservatives

Been a while since I’d seen a political post on here, so…

The term “South Park Conservative” has been floating around for a while now, and I’d finally figured out what they were talking about when they said it about a year ago, but when I tried to explain it to my friends, they said I was crazy cause only a liberal show could have 4th graders cussing up a storm like that. Fortunately, my arch-nemesis Joe Scarborough did a pretty good piece the other night on his show about the idea. You can catch a video clip and read a synopsis of it <A HREF=“”>here</A>.

So, what say you politically motivated people of RPGC? Does making fun of the media make South Park ‘conservative?’ And, if so, does it put them anywhere near in line with the ‘conservatives’ who supposedly make up the majority of this country after the last election?


I go in my pants somtime

Well, the guys who made South Park also made Team America, and apparently they’re pretty pro-Bush. I don’t know if that makes their show conservative or not, but I’ve never actually seen it, so I dunno. 8p

I think the creators of South Park have professed indifference toward political issues. They’re opportunists, rather than conservatives or liberals - essentially, they just make fun of anyone who cares about anything. So, a “South Park Conservative” is someone who doesn’t much care about “moral values,” as that term was used during the election, may hold some permissive social views (e.g. regarding cursing on TV), but despises the idea of compassion or of empathizing with other people’s suffering.

Conservative and liberal are terms to describe how one goes about dealing with problems. South Park however just points out problems and makes fun of how people on both sides deal with said problem. I wouldn’t put South Park on an actual political spectrum because of this. Besides, this season totally jumped the shark.

Pretty much. I’d say they recognized a certain trend within society and built themselves a niche.

I’m aware the creators of South Park themselves aren’t leaning one way or the other, and have said themselves that they’re neither liberal nor conservative, and simply find the liberal side easier to make fun of. What I’m actually seeing, though, is a new generation of kids being raised on South Park who aren’t as in touch with the “moral values” as the last generation of conservatives, but who are biased against political correctness and the mainstream media. Would that, though be considered conservative? Sure, it’s got some things in common with modern day Washington conservatives, but it’s lacking the “moral values” issue.

I think they satirize everyone equally…and that’s the way it should be. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure Matt Stone (I think that’s the one that showed up in Bowling for Columbine) is a card carrying Libertarian. I know I’ve read an interview with one of them talking about that fact.

I’m against political correctness, but I would consider myself a liberal. I think that political correctness is the mark of idiocy, not political affiliation.

the Libertarian party is baloney as far as I’m concerned.