Sounds of spring and summer!

What sounds have you always accociated with spring and summer?

For me, it’s waking up to a gentle “whoosh” as I wake up. Weather it’s from a fan, or jsut a breeze, I always love waking up to that, because it just seems like the wind is free, and happy.

Sounds silly, yes, but it’s the way I recognize spring. What about the rest of you?

Birds, sucks if you want to sleep during the day at times, rar. The frogs, toads, crickets, grasshoppers, and uh katydids(spelling?)flies,bees, wasps, etcera. The rain and thunder, i love thunderstorms. Hoochie mamas being slutty and loud with as little clothing on as possible. Motorcycles since it of course wouldnt be wise to drive them during the winter. Idiots blasting their radios, and their noisy loud engines, things like that. I love the sound of air conditioning, can’t wait till it gets warm again.

As strange as it may sound, lawnmowers remind me of spring and summer. 8)

The sound of the college kids leaving campus for spring break.

Ahhh, what a pleasant sound. 8D

The sound of construction at 6 in the morning. :smiley:

Pretty much so everything GSM mentioned, minus the hoochie mamas, and adding the obnoxious neighborhood kids screeching.

I love the sound of rain outside (the furnace pipe is right outside my door, and it amplifies the trickling water so it sounds like a big rainstick)…it tends to make me drowsy. ^^;

::dekar!:: <-- That thing

The birds singing in perfect sync. CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP. CAW CAW CAW. Repeat.

In summer, it’s the sound of the neighborhood kids waking me up at 9 am when all I want to do is sleep in. For spring, it’s the rain.

Originally posted by StarStorm
For me, it’s waking up to a gentle “whoosh” as I wake up.

I hear that all year cuz of my dad farting from the bedroom down the hallway. Nothing new there.

And it’s lawnmowers for me too. And slipping with hardly any clothes on under like, one thin sheet due to the hot weather. The sound of the fan blowing all the posters off my wall. Seeing the little white and purple flowers, and eventually the tulips blossoming on our front lawn.

Ahh I now crave the longer days…

EDIT: Bah not all of them are sounds but I started remembering and I…want summer.

Damn sun.
Damn heat.
Damn pollen!

The sound of strong winds as they crash against the windows and knock down dead trees always reminds me that spring is now here.

For the summer: either the rains falling on a tent or tarp or the sound of cicadas(sp?) continuously buzzing outside on the trees.

<img src=“”> The sounds of couples having sex on my lawn for spring. The sound of the sprinkler system ruining their moments for summer.

I wake up in the mornings to a cat in my face and a leaf in my mouth… >.> My cat sleeps in my bed and I have a plant in my room that’s all over the place…

I call it spring or summer when I don’t have to wear a heavy winter coat.

Birds, even though I LOATHE summer.

Freshly cut grass…that always reminds me of summer. Of course then again I’m usually the one that smells like that. Oh well…

Sounds? Not many. Rather smells. Sounds… hmmm… crickets in summer. We have a LOT of crickets over here. They can be so damn loud that you have to close the window if you want to have a decent conversation. Spring… chirping birds?

I guess, it would be birds singing and the sound of rain gently hitting my window. That’s what makes me think of Spring.

No smell, and the sounds of sneezing. Hayfever.