Sounds exactly like me.

Cllege seniors and grads are mostly worried about debt and not finding a job afterward.

Hardly suprising. I wouldn’t even call it news.

Nul beat me to it. :frowning:

They timed this article very poorly. Publishing it <EM>before</EM> our Pro-Big Buisness president was elected would have been more effective.

Why are you all assholes to Infonick? He’s one of my favourite people here.

Who are you talking to?

That’s because you’re English.

That’s not necessary; no need to go insulting the English. You know, there are two things I can’t stand.

  1. People who are intolerant of other people’s culture.
  2. The Dutch

Hey, the English rock!! They gave us Shakespeare, and scones, and Mr. Bean!!

yep, the Dutch pretty much suck. Can’t think of any reason for them not to suck.

I hate you, refer to the number one thing I can’t stand.

I’m your number one reason, bitches.

Well I guess I’m in the same boat. Can’t do shit in Intl. Relations w/o a Master’s and I’m going into the National Guard, Military Intelligence, so I’m pretty much fucked with finding a good civilian job that doesn’t involve an Office Space setting. I can only pray that the NSA or FBI finds me when I’m at OBC in Arizona and I can get a good govt. job even if the salary is for chumps. Sigh…the plight of our generation.

The whole masters thing is partly why I want to do the marine Corps as a career. Hell, I’m more afraid of getting a job and making it after college than I am of Iraq.