Yeah, my computer doesnt have any. And it should. Because I have speakers. Ive checked the connection, the volume isnt all the way down (on either the speakers or the computer), its plugged in, the speakers are turned on. Ive had these speakers for a while, but they just recently started not working. Any other ideas?

If you have some, try plugging in headphones and crank it up. Else, try fiddling with spinning the plug-in thingy in the back.

Could be a problem with your sound card, check that the hardware’s ok and reinstall the newest drivers. Check the wires, make sure they haven’t been broken through or cut. I would only recommend opening the speakers up if you know a bit about electronics because I don’t want you COMPLETELY breaking them.

Whenever my speakers don’t work I just restart the computer and they work again so I guess you could try that.

Is it onboard sound? Or out a of a card?

This happened to me about a month ago. If your sound stopped working after you moved your computer (by car, for example) Just delete your current drivers and reinstall them. If that doesn’t work, try taking it out and putting it back in and reinstalling the drivers.

Edit: Did you get your computer from Dell, by any chance?

My recommendation is to check the speakers power supply system if they are small speakers. Some that use batteries will draw from the PC power supply in the off setting and from batteries in the on setting.

If that isn’t it, check your “audio properties” settings. There are usually at least four independant volume controls on any given computer, not to mention possible external speaker controls.

Beyond that, yeah, you are looking at driver deficiencies of hardware fuckedupness. Be sure to test the headphone idea before tearing anything apart though.

This goes with out saying. check if it’s plugged in the Right plug(s) and the Correct settings.

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