Sound problems for video files.

I’m having problems watching a few anime files (FLCL is one series involved. This is serious, folks!). When I load up one of the files in question in Windows Media Play, it stabs itself in the face and says the file’s no good. When I load it up in the DivX player that comes with the codec, it tells me that I’m missing an audio codec (it CAN play the video, however). Now, I have no clue how to go about getting whatever file I need to be able to play these video files. I was going to install the latest Windows Media Player, but I’m way too suspicious of the thing, so I’d rather find a different solution. The funny thing is that all of the freshmen in my class received the same laptop with the exact same setup (program versions and all), and some of us do and some of us don’t have this problem viewing .avi files. Any clue on how to hunt down a solution to this problem? I’m on Windows XP, just in case anyone has something ot suggest.

<img src=“”> Download The Defilerpak at , it has pretty much every codec you’ll ever need.

TD, I have one problem with that thing:

Some video files (TOO MANY) view out with a green layer on them… it sucks help plz

<img src=“”> I dunno. Never happened to me.

Thanks TD. I chose to install only the audio codecs, and it did the trick for Rose of Versailles, at least. I haven’t tried out FLCL yet - they’re buried somewhere in the Five Spindles of Burned Goodness. I’ll find them sooner or later.

FuriKuri was encoded in early DivX codecs, these are apparantly not very compatible with the newer. It should be possible to make sound work my messing around with the codec settings, however.

Or you could go buy the DVDs.

I do know someone who has the DVD…but with college out, I won’t be seeing him 'til September. Actually, come to think of it, I think he’s the one who’s off to Japan for the fall semester, so make that January. I’m in the same situation with Kare Kano as I am with FLCL…Kare Kano is the series I want to see the most (I missed 6 or 7 episodes throughout the series due to not being able to play them).