Sound Issues

First off, WinME (kill me now ;_;). Second off, WinAmp 2.x.

I try to play a song and get this error message:

Unsupported PCM format (44100 Hz, 16 bits per sample, 2 channels). Please change format settings in input plug-in configuration or change output device in waveOut plug-in configuration.

Error code: 32
Windows error message:
“MMSYSTEM032 The specified format cannot be translated or supported. Use the Capabilities to view the supported formats.”


Try updating your codecs.
Umm… for that I guess.

Try changing the plugin (Told you about it earlier, just run through the full list of output plugins. If none work, post.)

Codes: What?

Plug-ins: None work.

Codecs are little updater things produced by DivX that gives your viewing program of choice a wider range of acceptance, basically it allows it to play highly encoded files. Things that require codecs are usually home produced movies on the computer, ripped DVDs and the like.