Sound issues

So, anyway, my sound hates me. Just to get it to semi-audible level, I have to put the bar that’s normally on “center” to “left.” (Forget its name; equalizer?) Even doing that, it’s still really messed up (I can hear it but it sounds really off).


Speakers or headphones? How old is your sound card? Is it integrated or seperate? Are your drivers for your soundcard updated? Are you using the latest software for your choice of music player?

If its your computer sounds, reset everything to Windows default, check your cables, and then start tweaking stuff.

If its stereo sound, check the condition of your connection wires and bust open you speakers and see if theres anything wrong on the inside. Look for loose connections, dirt build-up, etc.

It is a common defect among headphones and very-uncommon-but-still-possible among speakers. If it’s headphones, you may have to get new ones (unless you are into opening wiry things). If it’s on your speakers, it’s probably bad connection.

Old speakers suck. Sometimes they get so sensitive that moving the jack inwards or outwards even half a milimeter may disconnect one of the two speakers while leaving the other one’s connection alone. It happened to me once. I got around it by cutting the jack out and replacing it. It got pretty fugly with dark tape around the base of the jack, but then again, this part is usually hidden behind the cpu case… Some other times the problem is in one of the speakers rather than in the jack, though. When succh a thing happens it’s more cost-effective to get new speakers.

Check the cables. Mine give me the same problem from time to time, it is always the cables.