Soulseek names

If you have it, what’s your name.

I’m MCTokyoChai

MCTokyoChai? More like MCSucksAtLife!

No, seriously, what’s so good about SoulSeek? I’ve had it explained to me sometimes when I tell someone I use WinMX and DC++, and it sounds little different, if not worse than DC++. Teach me, O Shinobu.

mmkay. WinMX = out of the question (shitty). Soulseek is a file sharing program that’s based around finding people with similar musical interests, but nobody really gives a shit about that. You search for a song and you can not only download that song, but the entire cd. Don’t like sharing? Just share with the people on your users list. It’s just sex.

Cept then people with the music you want to download wont’ share, so you’re fucked. Sucks ass.


If they don’t share, their music doesn’t show in a search. Most people share.

I’ll take a look at it later.

americanpsycho (yeah I’m origninal).
Edit: I have around maybe 1000k files of punk/hardcore, psychobilly, and other random stuff.

I am Nightblade1337.

Got about 3 gigs of music to share.


Got about 40 gigs of MP3s…and some other “stuff” available. cough cough cough My upload queue is always massively full, so send me a message on soulseek if you want to download anything and i’ll add you to my list for guaranteed access.

How does that help me searching for a song?

And Shinobi, if the music doesn’t show when they don’t share, how do you know most people share? :stuck_out_tongue:


Korro, but my .mp3 collection isn’t big and my uploading speed sucks.

Just download it and try it. I don’t think there has ever been a song that i could NOT find shared on soulseek. And I listen to some very obscure electronica and post-rock shit that I could NEVER find on winMX, kazaa, or IRC. Soulseek has the dedicated music lover crowd behind them. I’d say well over 90% of people share, and many people have archives of tens of thousands of songs. It’s really a revolutionary community. I find it not very useful for finding non-music related items, such as ebooks or movies. But for music, soulseek is above and beyond any of the competition, without a doubt.

gila-monster. I have about 10 gigs of mostly metal. Theres some other stuff in there too though.

I have it and there have been obscure songs I haven’t been able to find. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I rarely go on it as it likes to crash when I change settings (not sure why, actually.) My name there, as in most places, is Eden99.



I’ll have my playlist in my sig soon, once I’ve finished downloading what I want added.

Porn? :smiley: Really though, does anyone have the FF9 battle them they’d want to send me real quick? :3 Please? :smiley:



Yes. Porn. Thanks for souring my cleverly ambiguous statements.

Anytime. :slight_smile:

Just got it. Crotanks be the name, of course.