Soul Calibur III question...

As it’s a Greatest Hit now, I just got this game. But there’s something I was wondering.

Is there a guide anywhere that explains exactly what each of the little symbols next to weapons in the Shop mean? Some of them are obvious, others a lot less so.

Highlight the weapon in the menu, press R3 to get a detailed image, then press Select to see the weapon’s stats, and press up/down to scroll through them.

Thanks. :smiley:

Just in case :wink:

If y’alls don’t mind, I have another question. One of a more technical matter.

Whenever I try to save a Chronicals of the Sword game, it tells me my data is corrupted. But it saves and loads everything else just fine. Anyone know what might be up? My memory card is quite old but it hasn’t failed me yet.

I’ve heard people say the problem lies with Auto-save being turned on. I played with Auto-save turned off and I never had that issue come up.

Another problem I’ve heard is deleting stuff off of your memory card. Seriously. Deleting saves will corrupt your SCIII save.

I turned off Autosave, but I got the same message when I tried to save my Chronicals game. “This data is corrupt, please delete”.

EDIT: A friend of mine told me this happens if I, quote, “deleted anything that is older than your SCIII stuff since saving the first time”, which I did, and that the only way to fix it is to delete my save file and start over.

PLEASE tell me there’s another way to salvage it. PLEASE.

Yeah. Once corrupt, you have to delete the CotS save and start anew.

I didn’t even have a CotS save to start with. I’m told the only way I’ll be able to play CotS period is bamfing my whole data.

sigh Ah well…

The best prevention for this is to save the game on its own Memory Card.

But, there is a fix for this… I believe it involves starting a new CotS game, and then inserting a new memory card before you hit ok.

It will start new data, but your regular game changes will be saved, you will lose your COTS data, though.

But, as long as you don’t change the memory on your card, no deleting or saving outside SoCIII, you should be ok.

As I said, its own card.