Soul Calibur 3

Well for the past 2 days I’ve been playing a demo of this game, and I have to conclude that it rocks.

The demo I played gives you all of Kilik’s story mode, a vs mode with Mitsurugi and some new girl Tara.

It also gives you character creation :smiley:

Basically you select the gender of your character, then the job (this determines the weapons and moves they can use) the demo allowed me to use both male and female and the jobs on offer where Ninja and Dancer (some pussy with tambourines who is absolutely useless).

So of course I went for the Ninja, and I gotta say it’s pretty impressive. You can choose to edit the hair, hat, neck, clothes (2 different kinds for body and legs, gauntlets, socks, boots, and yes…underwear >.>).

You can change the colour of everything, including eyes, lips and skin. You can change the voices and the face type. You can basically do a hell of a lot.

However there are flaws. For example, I noticed that the created characters do less damage than normal characters, they take more damage, and are generally weaker. I guess it’s not too much of a price to pay for your own character, and if you’re reasonably skilled then it’s not really a price at all.

It’s basically SC2 with improved speed, graphics, moves and…well…everything, which in my opinion means it pretty much kicks every other fighters ass.

The damage differences between create a soul and regular characters probably stems from the fact that the only available classes/weapons so far are Ninja/Kunai and Dancer/Tamborines. Notice the lance user and Hwang ripoff both still did a hefty bit of damage (and boy is that lance user cheap). Too bad we can’t use Create a Soul in Tales of Soul mode, but Chronicles of the Soul should be fun.

I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now. After fooling around just making my own guys and shit, I was curious just to see who I could recreate (boredom, not a lack of originality). I made a pretty spot on Mystique, a quality Ninja Turtle, and a recognizeable Shredder.

But damn. The game is shipped next Tuesday. So I’ll be picking it up as soon as possible, but that weekend is the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. So I’ll have to try and convince a friend to bring his PS2 down with us to fool around with on Thursday and/or Friday before the game. Such a busy fall break. :confused:

You might have a different demo to mine…since I couldn’t make a Shredder at all, what was yours like?

It was a passable Shredder. Same demo. I couldn’t get the helmet, so I used the second ninja hood (has the fancier silver thing head guard). It definitely wasn’t as close as a Ninja Turtle or Mystique, but you could tell who I was going for. Of course I made him use the Kunai.

There’s apparently a glitch in the demo that allows you to play Zasalamel…I’m gonna go check it out, there might be some truth in it.

There’s truth to it. Given the character select screen and the joke in it (Abyss icon), I think it’s an Easter Egg, not a glitch. Zasalamel is fun to play as though.

How is it done? I read you go to character creation and have 2P press start, but that doesn’t work.

Go to character creation. Start a battle. Then have 2P press start. You’ll be taken to a character select screen where 1P is Zasalamel and 2P is Tira. If you change your costume, you’ll be stuck as Kilik.

I’ll try that >.>

EDIT: I tried that but all that happened was I went into a battle as normal.

Well you’re doing something wrong then. That’s how you do it.

Damn I must be. There’s no chance they fixed the glitch on later demo’s no?

Question: Does Kilik Fight similar to SC2?

Kali-Yuga, Show me the way!

In addition, if I recall correctly, you’ll be able to upgrade your abilities in Chronicles.

Still, one week to go…

i haheard that SC3 is a PS2 only release…please…tell me it’s not true.

Xael, apparently the glitch was removed from later demos.

Iga, the upgrades only apply to your Chronicles character while playing Chronicles. If you used the same person in a Vs match against the comp or a friend, there wouldn’t be any stat upgrades.

sponge, yes. It’s PS2 exclusive. Namco wanted to concentrate on making the game as good as possible on one system rather than making it multi-platform. As for why it’s PS2 only, SCII sold the best on PS2 when you add up total sales from around the world. Also, I think Sony greased the wheels some to make sure it remained PS2 exclusive.

;_;…saddening…oh well…give me another good reason to buy a ps2. cuz aren’t they remaking ffVII for it? or was that only a tech demo? it seems a shame to waste so much work if all that was was a demo.

I heard it’s PS2 (and If ps3 back wards combatible… PS3) only and possibly an arcade…

I Liked Link…

ADD-IT-ON:FF7 is PS1 the tech Demo is/possible relase will be for PS3, which rumored to play the Oringal PS1 FF7 as well…

There won’t be an arcade release of SC3.

WHAT?! i know they made an arcade sc2 and i think that they did an arcade sc…i think i remember that. why not this one?

They’re remaking FFVII on PS2? I thought the FFVII demo was on PS3.