Soul Calibur 3


I wasn’t that impressed, it looks to me just like SC2 with more characters, though the option to make your own is pretty cool…I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

I felt the same.

i dont really enjoy fighting games, but sc2 i actually kinda liked, sc3…u are both right about the same , but with extra. I hope they have cooler weapns though…i love swords, and other weapons that could kill people when applied to their throat.

Hey, Namco: Let me know when you decide to release this on a non-Sony platform, then I’ll be interested… -_-

As long as Nightmare is in the game, I’ll buy it. :enguard:

You’ll be able to customize your fighters with new weapons and accessories.

Very interesting. I’ d like lots more stuff to unlock than what was in SC2.

Well, isn’ t that a good thing? I mean, SC2 is quite cool, IMO.
And, please NAMCO, no more insane-to-perform moves like Ivy’ s calamity symphony, dammit.

Dear Mr. Saturn

We enjoy being ass-fucked by Sony, in fact, their plastic twelve inch dildo brings us much more pleasure than the normally endowed and not fake in any way Microsoft and Nintendo. As such, we shall not release any good games on their platforms, and especially not fighting games, which are currently being ressurected on Xbox due to Capcom and SNK porting their games over there with Xbox Live.

Amicably yours, except if you’re a PS2 hater, then we think you’re just jealous of their “success”.


I made a thread about this like 3 weeks ago… SEARCH FUNCTION!!!

It won’t be on XBox as of right now, and Spawn was a kickass player in the XBox version of SC2, so until then I’m not interested…

Good way of them to blow off Todd MacFarlane after his work in SC2

Don’t really know what you mean. Did Todd MacFarlane create Spawn as well as Necrid?

You’re kidding right? Spawn was the million-dollar creation of MacFarlane. I hope if they make SC3 for the XBox, they also bring Spawn and maybe Necrid back. That’s what I was talking about before…

So, you want the most boring character ever to grace the Soul series back? And yes, I’m leaving out the console exclusives in exception of Necrid in that statement.


I honestly can’t see why a company wouldn’t make a fighting game on Xbox Live. Xbox is graphically superior to PS2, so there’s no reason for them to say that it can’t handle the game, and PS2 has spotty online support at best. And I really hate when a company releases a game on Gamecube, and then doesn’t release any sequels on Gamecube. It makes me feel like they were just taunting the GCN audience, or trying to convince people to purchase a system that they’d never support.

I know the controls were a little hard to get used to, but I was actually most comfortable with SC2 on GCN. Unless they plan on porting SC3 to GCN, Revolution, Xbox, or Xbox 360, I’ll be sitting out this round.

It has <b>character creation</b>. That’s reason enough for me.

Personally, I’m not gonna sit out because it’s a fighting game, and my support for fighting games (at least, good ones) goes beyond console bias, so I’m gonna get SC3.

A return to the SC1 guard impacts makes this game pretty good, but we’ll see what new gameplay features will be had.

I mean, I own a PS2, but to me, it just feels like Namco is betraying anyone who enjoyed SC2 on Xbox or GCN. It’s like their dollars aren’t worth as much.

As I said, Namco has always been PS2 whores (even though they sometimes side with Nintendo). The fact that they released it on Xbox and GCN surprised the hell out of me.

Someone should tell them the majority of fighting game enthusiasts are on Xbox. Too bad the controller is unwieldy.