Sorry Weiila, but living in Sweden got a bit less attractive.

I’ve been spending too much time reading the GAFF News forum.

So, without further ado: Swedish MPs want a “Man Tax”.

I’m really, REALLY hoping this is a fringe group. I’m not too familiar with Swedish politics though… Weiila?

It seems rather stupid. I CAN understand progams to aid battered women. I CAN understand levying taxes to fund such programs.

I CANNOT understand taxing someone for such programs because they happen to have a penis. Nice job, guys. I really have to wonder about you.

That has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever…

How does this fit in the “gender equality” they are so proud of?

Snickers as his friendly neighbours manage to amuse him once again

… Gee, I wonder how much is it worth to the government that you just happen to be born a man …

“I was merely born a man! Inside me is a woman!”

Aha, Gudrun Schyman. All due respect for fighting for women’s equal rights, but she’s… getting extreme. I can’t find any Swedish news about this, but it doesn’t surprise me that she suggested such a law.

Two ways; either this will go nowhere as the politicians have sense enough not to let her beat on ALL men for women in need - or they will be so scared of the media raving about heartless men-pigs in the government that they won’t dare to vote against it.
Yay papparazzi.

For once i’m relived for having Tony Blair and Co.

Big Nutter
They would Dismiss that one…

All due respect for fighting for women’s equal rights
You don’t seriously believe women have ever fought for equal rights do you?

Actually, in Ireland that’s exactly what they argued for. They got it too. Which is probably why we’ll never have a law like that suggested. Sniggers at fanatiscism.

<strike>You know it’s just because she can’t get any.</strike>

That’s… that’s pretty damn crazy. What is it with you Europeans and crazy politicians?

Who Can’t get any?

Weiila, you should ask and recive.

Big Nutter
Poopie that job For IFS Need some swedish language skill. But near the City of Preston, UK.

EDIT: Pie, I take it You vote for UKIP! (UK Independance Party)

That tax is pretty damned sexist, you know. Both cheuvanism and extreme feminism are fucking sexist as Hell… but you aren’t going to stop either. Assholes. Tax MY penis will you? (:-P)

Don’t worry. You won’t have to pay much.


I don’t see how this can possibly pass, I mean, women can’t even vote puts on smoking jacket and starts listening to Bing Crosby

Someone posted somewhere else regarding this and said that, if it goes through, all men should legally be allowed to beat up women at least once a month :stuck_out_tongue:

i wonder if you got your penis removed would you be exempt from the tax?

Dear Gudrun Schyman (or whatever you crazy swedes are called),

What the hell is wrong with you? Do you think a “man tax” is going to solve anything? I’m just an ignorant American and all, but I think the last thing Sweden needs is another tax.

Also, you’re ruining all the progress humanity’s made in the last hundred years. Sweden is considered one of the pinacles of gender equality, and now you plan on discriminating against the men. Thanks, you and your militant feminist friends have sent humanity back to the stone age of equality.

Hoping you roast in hell,
d Galloway

I agree with the sexism and all, but I also saw another pattern here. Some governments suddenly started doing a lot of things to get more taxes, even trying the lamest excuses. For example, in Netherlands they wanted to tax ‘cow flatulence’. If you had cows, you had to pay the govenrment for their farts as a way to compensate for the damage dealt to the atmosphere. In Ireland they had a similar “man tax” passed. Even outside Europe: in Brazil we almost had a law passed that would tax ‘insufficient power consumption’, which would be for taking money out of people who don’t use at least a certain amout of electricity. There are lots morethings like this worldwide.

People in power are desperate for more money, but they don’t have the courage to raise current taxes because that has a colateral effect when elections come. The solution some find is to create new taxes, though they lack good sense sometimes.

This is utterly retarded. For starters, I can’t stand people who have a supremacist mentality based on gender. And on top of that, it’s revolting how most governments these days only care about squeezing more money out of ordinary citizens. That woman and all the money-wasting politicians out there deserve a swift kick in the face.

…what the frick? o.O

While I don’t want to use the term femi-nazi, it’s really damn close. Schyman really is going too far with this.
If it makes you feel better, I found several Swedish hate-sites for her and her opinions while running a search on her name. Translating the first paragraph for one of them:

“Forgive me, Gudrun Schyman, for I am male. I pray that you will someday find it in your heart to forgive this sin.”

And… Darkness Beckons, is that… Grimskull in your avatar? Oh, Jing, c’mere!
double sister GLOMP! Wai! My first cartoon love after Turtles! :slight_smile:

Actually, if there was a law that fined men who’ve abused women, that wouldn’t be too far out. But taxing guys cuz they happen to have XY chromosomes, eeeh…that’s rather extreme.