sorry for the site downtime today

We apologize to those who were trying to use our site for a few hours this afternoon/evening, for it was down. It was just a server hiccup, everything should be running fine now, and the site would’ve been back sooner except that I paranoidly wanted to make sure everything was backed up before asking our server host to investigate. Thanks for your patience and enjoy the rest of your week!

No biggie, Merl.

And after an hour of long division this morning, my week can;t get much worse!

somewhere, miles away, Murphy just fell out of his chair laughing

There is no excuse! I demand an apology!

Sorry Charlie.

What the hell? No man, i’m sorry, I… I was totally out of line…

Don’t worry.

I was working. I didn’t notice. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was sleeping, so I didn’t notice either. Well, one can only be glad that it wasn’t anything worse anyway :slight_smile:

I noticed. Damnit, Merl, I actually had to do WORK while I was working down in the Language Resource Center. It’s just…it’s just not right.

No need to apologse, ignore these people who don’t care about how much work goes into this site and forum and demand constant access and updates to it without thought of you guys who make it all happen, the inconsiderate fools. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Uh, the site was down? Didn’t notice, but I accept your apologies.

I was busy early, so I didn’t even know. But thanks anyway, for fixing it quickly, so that no one was overly inconvenienced

Apology accepted…sort of.

Originally posted by GG Crono 4
somewhere, miles away, Murphy just fell out of his chair laughing

You’re right he did, he lives in my garage.

It’s okay, Merlin, I didn’t really notice, and Murphy said that he’s sorry, and that nothing should go wrong with the site for a while.

I noticed, but realized I should already have been asleep.