Sony rumor land.

Just wow.

Supposedly, Sony wants to “register” each copy of a PS3 game to a specific system. So, no used games. No rental games. And don’t even think of bringing it to a friend’s house, unless you cart the system with you. And let’s not even talk about if your own system breaks.

I think this anti-piracy method may be very effective, more like too effective.

That’s very discouraging.

If it comes into effect, I think it’ll majorly nail Sony.

It says it’s not likely that they’ll use it. For the PS3 at least.

They fuck up a lot with their ideas.

i can’t imagine the video game retail industry going for this at fucking all.

Nah, no way. It’s economical suicide, there’s no way this’ll get done.


If this does happen, I give it two days before a kid with too much time on their hands and reasonable intellect finds a way around. Three if the only kids available with too much time on their hands are mentally retarded.

Sony would just be handing the next-generation to Microsoft if they did this. This coming generation has been unbelievably retarded. First MS makes two versions of its system. Then Nintendo does its typical crazy stuff. Now Sony might pull this shit. I put some stuff in this merely for the actions that they took recently with their cds. This would be bad since a lot of people like renting games prior to buying to see if they like it and this would just prvent that. Also Sony’s history with the reliability of release systems hasn’t been very good, which makes it pretty pointless to buy a system at launch, unless you have a shitload of money, since it probably won’t last. If they do do this, I probably won’t get a PS3 for awhile, and it’ll only be for those must have games (like MGS4). A stupid thing about it is that if this is aimed at piracy, it’ll fail miserably since the pirates will probably figure something out within the first couple of days, or at worst weeks. This is only hurting consumers who buy their stuff legitimately.

I predict the end of all video games, as foretold in Atari 19:83.

I doubt any company would be that stupid.

I’m sure all the game sharing going on is really hurting their profits.

There would be workarounds within a week for any hardware that utalized such a system.

This will just not happen. The public backlash would kill it even if the distributors didn’t.

insert comment to the effect that this is a Bad Thing (OR) that it will be easily worked around here