Sony pictures to do MGS movie

And Uwe Boll has no hand in it!

In other news apparently there’s also a WoW movie in the making.

Countdown till Arac posts with tales of MSG=beautiful.

Of course I don’t have any hope when it comes to video games turned > films.

Arac won’t post, he’ll already be camping outside the cinema.

Question is, of course, who plays Snake? It’d seem wrong to hear Snake talk in ayone’s voice other than David Hayter’s, but I reckon Hugh Jackman could make a good job of it.

There is no God. ;_;

Comet there’s a chance this won’t get fucked up.
Kojima wouldn’t let them fuck his baby up too badly.

WoW’s been news for a while although very little has been said about it.

MGS seems like a game premise that you could actually make a halfway decent movie about, unlike msot Game concepts.

Yeah right. I can’t even think of anything off the top of my head where one of these hasn’t been severely ruined in at least one aspect of what it was based off of. I’ll be skipping this movie completely, unless, of course, in the event that I’m wrong.

Kojima’s directly involved with this one
He won’t let it happen.

We’ll see. ninja squint

of course that’s not a guarantee

I’m just really really hoping it’s not shit :frowning:

True. As long as it doesn’t star Steven Seagal ^ ^

Considering the games have more cutscenes than actual gameplay… why not?

The WoW movie, no matter how bad, couldn’t possibly bomb financially because it has ALL THOSE PEOPLE to go watch it aside from your regular moviegoers. “So this is the WoW you’ve been talking about whenever you came out of your room?”

(Consider a quest where you’d use something from the movie as a clue…) >_>;

I’d actually see a WoW movie if they focused on the grittier war aspects of WCI and WCII. But if they turn it into a fantasy fruitfest like WCIII and WoW, then I’ll pass.

Maybe that’s me but I discovered WCII had a story by process of SC>WC3>WCII. Back in the day I never thought WC had a story, other than “kill them before they kill you”.

Is Luxor the first 1337 site in the history of mankind?