Sony part deux

Sony is having second thoughts about its program and MS is doing something good for us all: it is making a rootkit remover.

You’ll have to download and use and update Microsoft AntiSpyware though: They’re not making a seperate program.

Check out the EULA that comes with it:

high-fives Sin for reading slashdot :slight_smile:

I’m so NOT Getting Charlotte Church CD this year…

I think there is a lot to be said about Vinal LP’s… As soon Is I find a replacement head for my dads… I’m buying LP again

That good to hear, even so I am not a active buyer of cds, so I didn’t have to deal with this problem.

Yeah, I have never bought a CD ever since I discovered P2P too. I mean, I’ve bought blank CD’s to store my booty, but those don’t count :smiley:

I’ll admit I don’t like using MS stuff like that just like I don’t use WMP, but I think MS deserves some credit for responding to it and responding to it quickly.

I couldn’t agree more.

Ditto. I mean, every single employee of Microsoft can’t be PURE evil.

Wait a mo… I’ve got a feeling Sony might sue Microsoft for illegally Modifying the Software as stated in ELUA with MS December Anti Spy catalauge.

Microsoft hasn’t agreed to any EULA with Sony Nutface.

So that any one that uses MS update next month will be screwed if they have Sony CD on thier PC… I thought any unathroised edits to Sony’s programs was a board for Sony’s lawers to jump on you… or some one else…

While I agree this is good of microsoft, I do not agree that putting a single french word in an otherwise entirely English thread made sense. Just thought I’d say that. . .

Don’t you think that would spoil the animé forum if it were so, Arac?

Well well, MS screwing Sony’s little poisoned treat, huh? Well, considering the whole mess Sony has caused, it would serve them right if they were added to a list of spyware-creating groups. And kudos for Microsoft Anti Spyware. It’s been working quite nicely for me.

Apparently the whole mess gets even better. Part of their software installation includes code from software released under the LGPL, which is very much a violation of that licence.

oops… looks like TFA might have been slashdotted

Deathstryke’s post made me laugh as I hadn’t laughed in quite a while. Now “legitimate” software from Sony is actually pirated stuff as well! LOL!

How do you get Microsoft Anti-Spyware? And how does it compare to, say, SpyBot and AdAware?

Windows Update should do the trick. As for the comparison between MS and Spybot/Adware, let’s say the latter are more of the prevention kind, whereas Microsoft is of the fixing/correction type.

Sony continued:,1282,69573,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_2

Ren: elaborate.