Sony finally lose it completely


Whoops! :slight_smile:

That’s cute.

I think I could afford a lot more house if I spent my weekend that way… hmm… hops in the car

What number do I call? That money could be useful.

If only they’d actually make good on it, I know I could get a few thousand by making a trip to Carbonear and St. John’s…

I… you know… sorry, I-I just can’t come up with anything that can be even more satirical than the actual quote… just…


Really now, wow.

For the next Sony PS3 blunders please number the threads “Sony […] completely3”, “[…]4” etc. I always think someone is necroposting.

Heads are starting to roll:

applauds Good going there, Sony!

You know, this almost reminds me of the Iraqi Information Minister’s speeches concerning success. It’s essentially the same thing when you compare the Iraq War (before ‘peace’ was declared) and the Console War.

… … …

claps slowly

I got in trouble on GameFAQs for calling the PS3 the “Iraq War of consoles”. :frowning:

Well it IS, isn’t it? FIGHT THE MAN, FLINTY! FIGHT THE MAN!! :cool:


Peace was never declared in Iraq. The end of major combat operations was declared over, but not peace.

Solid Fucking Snake.
Not context.
Just the name.
It is a valid defense.

Arac, you are the opposite of Indiana Jones.

It’s a good thing major combat operations were declared over, 'cause otherwise we wouldn’t have the much preferable daily insecurity and sectarian violence!

There’s a person in my class who pre-ordered five PS3s hoping he could sell them for a quick profit at launch - he still has them.

I never understood Sony’s mentality leading up to the PS3 launch - “It’s Blu-Ray! It’s Blu-Ray! It’s Blu-Ray!” I’m not spending $750 for a fancy DVD player, doesn’t seem like many others are either.

I may get a Wii at some point but there’s only one game out for the Wii right now that’s not available on the 360 that catches my interest - Zelda, and I don’t buy consoles for one game.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think that the only people who bought PS3s were ones who wanted to sell them for a profit.