Sony E3 Press conference.

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It’s a little behind schedule, but oh well.
Discuss once it’s going on/done

Ugh… my attention span gave out. Maybe they’ll have it available to watch later so I dont have to sit through it all.

Meh, Nothing looks very good except 8 Days.

edit: snake :frowning:

Edit 2: haha the system is fucked.

$500 to $600 for the PS3? I’ll pass. Seriously, one of the allures of console gaming is that it USED TO BE cheaper than a PC. Now it’s about the same as buying a new gfx card and some more RAM to keep up with the latest games. Given the X360’s abysmal performance, Microsoft should return its focus to PC games. That market is prime for a comeback, especially since nex-gen games are probably going to be around $60…

What’s the deal with the new PS3 controller? Total last-minute rip-off of Wii’s gizmos.

And all of the games are Sequel XX. This console reeks of “sell out” to me…

Now I actually think Wii is going to clean Sony and Microsoft’s clocks, despite the lame name.

Umm… 5-600 dollars is what they’ve been predicting since it was unvieled last year. It’s not bad, considering you’re getting a console, blu-ray and DVD player all in one. Plus, standalone blu-ray players will run a good 5-800 bucks, so you’re getting a hell of a deal. Xbox 360 hasnt had a whole lot of orignal games either.

ya, X360 totally sucks. It’s a metaphor for all of Microsoft right now.

meh, I liked it better when consoles just stuck to videogames. A lot of the PS3’s tech seems frivolous. I mean who really needs another DVD player?

I’ll just do what I always do: wait until the end of a console’s life and buy everything dirt cheap. (That sweet spot between liquidation prices and eBay “rarity” screw-you-up-the-ass prices.)

I do the same thing, 'cept I wait until around the middle/last third of the life span. And you have to make sure to grab games that you think will be hard to find. See: Phoenix Wright, Suikoden 1+2, etc.

Sony is crazy.

Even though WinXP are so much better than their previous [STRIKE]beta tests[/STRIKE] Windows, I agree MS could think about a few things when it’s not busy losing $$ to win console wars.

A few games (read: not lousy sequels) for PS3 would be nice.

A few decisions about the PC games section moreso.

I won’t even mention the miracle called Internet Explorer, which is demanded by a few programs which have nothing to do with it and is such an example of programming it’ll be included in Age of Empires 5, as a wonder. At least Firefox has filled this niche far better than IE would dream of.

Yeah, the Sony keynote failed pretty hardcore.

Also, fun note. The gutted version of the PS3 doesn’t ship with half the ports or built-in WiFi. Doesn’t seem like you can ever upgrade it like with the 360 core/premium shit.

And the “no rumble because of gyroscopes” thing is total bullshit, remember them getting sued for millions of dollars over their rumble? Yeah.

FFXIII has been announced for PS3 with a bunch of XIII spinoffs, like a KH like FFXIII spin off. That’s the only good thing to date.

I don’t think that sony will do that great with the motion sensor. 1- Sony’s controller doesn’t inspire me to believe that it’ll be as useful or ergonomic as the Wii’s for these tasks. 2- I get the feeling Nintendo has a much better plan than Sony’s as we’ve never heard anything from Sony aside from the existence of the feature. 3- Nintendo’s had the innovation in mind for a long time and has essentially used the DS as a testing grounds for interactivity. 4- The DS succeeded and the PSP failed.

Sony is good at harnessing a huge library. The problem with that is most of it is pretty mediocre. It produced profits for the PS1 and 2 but if Sony wants to compete with Nintendo in terms of innovation it’ll need good developers, of which it has precious little. It will need to devote a lot of effort and resources to ensure it delivers a quality product that can compete with Nintendo and by now it should be obvious that Sony doesn’t work that way.

And I agree, the cost is absurd. This is yet another advantage Nintendo has exploited and can exploit again in the future. While Nintendo might have to work harder to win over the public in NA than in Japan where the DS is all the craze, its just a matter of not dropping the ball.

The only problem most people seem to have with the PS3 are the price and the crappy game selection right now.

Which really is all that matters =\

Hmm… correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t those the EXACT same problems they had with the PS2 when it came out?


True dat, Sony’s the master of taking Nintendo’s innovations and perfecting them, leaving the Big N in its dust. Rather bully-like, but all’s fair in war and business.

Meh, the only things I care about in the E3 are MGS 4 and Spore.

Except it feels like they screwed up this time. The future will tell, but the Dual Shock does not have the ergonomics for motion sensing based gameplay, save for maybe a plane game where you guide pitch.

Wii showed Excitetruck where you hold the controller by the top and botton, and it works like a steering wheel. The broadcast is pretty nice.

Wait, no Dualshock at all? What the hell? DS2 was the most perfect controller ever, why they decided to abandon it is beyond me. But they flat out said there won’t be a way to use existing PS2 controllers on the PS3?

EDIT: And what about all the special controllers that use the DS2 port? Will there be an adapter?

Dev: There was no way to use PSX controllers on the PS2, I don’t see why it should be different now.

Um, you could plug in PSX controllers to the PS2 and they worked just fine.
(Well, the Dualshock PSX controllers. The early PSX controllers without sticks didn’t work.)

My friend is so hyped out about the PS3 because he bought a new TV that’s supposed to have a higher definition than HDTV. I don’t believe spending an arm and a leg from a system when I have a backlog beyond comprehension to play first. Well, that and the insane price.

Make sure to tell your friend to get the expensive version of the PS3. It’s the only one that outputs in 1080p and has HDMI ports, which is needed for true HD.