Sonnet help

Renaissance Man by Ackbar

Among the holy rocks, a babe is born
Near columbine, watched under mother’s gaze.
Centered at table, he tries to give warn
That now is his time to brush with the haze.
He tries to capture boundless creation
Within the confines of his spirit’s eyes,
But war invades his imagination,
And his bronze horse destroyed as victor’s prize.
So with feathered stroke he passes the cross,
Lovely eyes staring out beyond the ridge.
Flying above a temple lost in moss,
Slowly vanishing beyond the point bridge–
Of a windup lion guarding farm.
The king of kings cradles him in his arms.

It is supposed to be in iambic pentameter and I decided to make mine a Shakspearean sonnet. I know its all pentameter, but the iam is where im having trouble. I wanted every line to be in iam except for 12 and 10, which is where im trying to simulate a bird flapping its wings up and down. Im also not sure if the grammar of the poem is working either. Im supposed to have a volta (a turn in the poem), but I really dont know if I have it in there or not. I tried to…ill see if anyone can see it. Well, thats all I have to say. Enjoy ( and please help:thud: )!

Love, Ackbar:ulty: