Sonic X

Anyone else heard of this anime?
Its a anime about Sonic the Hedgehog(duh).
I d/l them from Kazaa and I love them ^^
Its coming to Fox Box this Fall and I know they are gonna bucher it to hell.

Not necessarily, Giza. Some of the Anime Translations I’ve seen done of late have been rather good. Or at last not as bad as they used to be! Since Sonic is aimed at kids, they may not find that much to cut off.

There’s one part in the second episode where Sonic says ‘Shit!’, not in japanese, in perfect english. Fox’ll replace that with ‘Shoot!’ or something…

In fact, that’s what I love the most about the series, is the bursts of perfect English Sonic randomly spouts. It isn’t ‘engrish’ either, it’s all pronounced perfectly. One of my favorite ones is in episode 5, when in the middle of fighting Knuckles, he just runs up to the top of a tree and shouts ‘Oh! What a great view!’ and I could swear it was done by a native english speaker.

I have the first 4 episodes of it although the quality is very poor. But it’s a good anime, Tails is soooo cute looking in it.

Eggman says Shit! in episode 5 I think and Knuckles calls Sonic a bastard twice.

any ideas whether it is Jaleel White playing the voice of Sonic this time around?

Whos Jaleel?
And are you talking of the Japanese version or US “buchered” version?