Son of a ..........!!!!!

so i’m replaying VI and i get to the part where you have to save this kid in a house that is about to fall down cause it got wrecked by the WOR transformation. and i get into a random battle i kill evevybody and as a final attack this montser petrifies me!!! bam! game over! and the last place i saved was before you have to fight atma. GOD I’M SO PISSED!!!UGGGGGGGGG!!

And this is precisely the reason why you save a lot.

i know i know. i just wasn’t thinking about that. i was just happy to get out of that damned island.

I save a lot. Usually twice so I know that it saved.



I had a friend who couldn’t do three consecutive actions without saving first (he mainly played PC rpgs where you can usually save whenever you want). He never really did have the problem you faced but it was quite annoying watching him play. I always urged him to use the quicksave button :stuck_out_tongue:

On the other hand when playing Monkey Island 4 yesterday, I was lax with saves (cause in MI you usually can’t lose) and I had to repeat some “quests” cause everything became messed up.

But yeah, the beginning of WOR is an interesting (nooo! I lost everything!) situation.

I’m lazy. I dont want to take those five steps over again. I save every fucking chance I get. If there’s a game where you can save anywhere at anytime, I’m saving after I open the fucking menu.

I thought VI stood for something first and I spent a good five minutes trying to think of stuff (Vagrant… Information? Valkyrie… Idea?)

Consider that this is the FFCompendium forum.

Anyway, yeah, I save every available opportunity, too. Especially games with quicksave.

I believe there is a relic you get really early in the game that makes you immune to being petrified. I think it was a Jewel Ring or something, but don’t quote me. It’s been years since I’ve played FFVI, although it is my all time favorite.

yea i know. i even have it! but why would the game developers make an monster that could petrify you , when you only have one person in your party? DUH! thats just stupid.

I dont really think that classifies as stupid, it just adds to the difficulty level. A game thats too easy wouldn’t be worth playing.

Plus if they didn’t have status effects like petrify zombie poison and the like there would be no need for items that deal with status effects at all i.e. Jewel Ring and Ribbon. (which by the way you should have both by now)

And if you are still having trouble with a lone party member go pick up Gerad Edgar and then go for Sabin.:ah-ha!:


You can buy jewel rings in the relic shop before you talk to Sabin.