Sometimes when Dell screws up, it owns

When I bought a 140 gig hard drive from Dell, it was faulty, so it naturally fucked up my computer to the point where I couldn’t use it. So I got in touch with Dell and they said they would ship a new hard drive, free of charge as compensation for the faulty one.

I wound up getting a 250 gig hard drive.

I have no idea if this was yet another mistake from Dell or they actually delivered me a bigger one to make up for the faulty one (they never said anything or called), but it makes me want to buy from Dell more often, because I’m DEFINITELY not calling and reporting I got almost double my original hard drive space. :stuck_out_tongue:

So remember: Dell may screw you if you buy from them, but there ARE benefits!

Finally, before anyone starts going “OMG U BOUGHT DELL” I’m still learning how to make computers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice deal. While I support the notion of building your own comp, I will admit Dell isn’t that bad. To be honest, I have to agree with the notion that Dell has fantastic tech support, at least when you can understand them. Like, Indians who actually care for their’ jobs, and actually kinda deserve them (I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen an American Tech support person with as much patience as the Indian Dell guys).

*Note: I do not condone mass-outsourcing, its just that these Indians actually earned themselves the jobs, not just made themselves more feasible by being cheaper.

I’m not sure about that. When the computer first started malfunctioning I thought it was a virus (about three weeks ago) so I called Tech Support to arrange a time where they would call and help. They wound up calling a respectable six hours late, and by then I had already fixed it. It wasn’t until four nights ago that I discovered the hard drive was faulty.

Hmmm. Well, it has been almost a year since I last had to call them up, if not more. (I’ve developed TECH SKILLZ!!!11 olozl). Things change, and thats just my one-man impression.

Worlds greatest discount. Maybe they were paying you off so you wouldn’t tell anyone Dell is faulty. As if it’s not already out.

Dang … and here’s me, thinking of selling all my mangas to get just an 80-gig USB drive for me lappy …

Dell also sells refurbished computers and calls them new, and keeps their minimum product specs well below everyone else in the industry. If you had to buy a desktop, go with HP’s Compaq division, or Gateway’s eMachines division. They’re cheap, easy to upgrade (meaning you can buy a part off the shelf and put it in there), and they have a half-way decent warranty. Of course, plenty of people are going to flame this, too, but remember that all of this is simply from my experience fixing computers for a living. Based on what I’ve seen, those are the most affordable decent computers.

I’ll just chime in and second the notion that Dell is hard to upgrade; that time I had to call them up was when I was upgrading something so simple as the RAM in the thing.

I just have someone more competent than me build my comp from the ground up with parts I select. I can do the theoretical research, but the practical eludes me like hell.

That hard drive update reminds me of this Italian place that we used to go to, we’d order calzones and they would come with extra toppings.

Dell doesn’t make favors and I’m proof of that. Someone fucked up and got lucky like how someone who had a defective normal key in WoW got a an LE one by accident. And as a note, Compaq ARE NOT easy to upgrade. I haven’t seen a Compaq that DIDN’T do the same thing as Dell up to now.

Nice techsupport. Lousy, overpriced computers.

Compaq merged with HP in 2002. Since then, they’ve slowly changed their entire design. I can tell you with confidence that any Compaq (desktop) made since 2000 (starting with the Presario 5000 series) can be easily upgraded in any conventional way (power supply replacement, hard drive, cd-rom, memory, pci cards, video cards, etc). Current model Compaqs aren’t just easy to fix, but they actually have extra slots in them for additional hard drives, CD-ROMs, memory, or pci devices.

I’ve been trying to save up for a new video card. But after the easter bunny came this year, it just wont happen untill next tax time.
I use a compaq presario. Had it for 2 years, and so far it has run well. I’ve even run an ethernet network between it and my older pavilion.
But getting a bigger hard drive is almost a 1 in a million shot.

Doesn’t it suck when you cross that line where holidays are no longer times of financial benefit and become times of financial strain?

Hm, nice!