Sometimes the universe shows how truly beautiful it really is.

Edit: Well damn, it’s back up. Hope it gets hacked again.

Don’t ask, just click the link.

All signs point to it to being a sick joke by “Reverend” Phelps, but still, one can dream.

On the other hand, it could be that the site got hacked. That would be very interesting…

So what else is new?

Yes, especially in the Stargaze DVDs. *Nod.

I’m going for hacking. Check the bottom:
Arga unga hackare // 2k5 // Swedish hellbound faggot defenders

Considering he apparently put out something about the 5000+ Swedes killed in the recent tsunami “deserving” it, I’m not too surprised.

Edit: Aw hell, it’s back up.

Doesn’t look like it’s up.

With my glasses off, I thought that said :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the amazing bouncing site! laughs Well, the rest of the site is available, apparently, all that was changed was the front page.

Should do a complete site wipe.

edit: we might follow the example and turn onto other targets. I expect to see some creationism-oriented page being hacked by evolutionists shakes fist

Edit 2: I found their mirror site and I must say these people (the original site makers, not the hackers) are monsters. Their preaching for these days starts with “Thank God for the recent tsunami!”

If you wanna see by yourself:

And for you, Spazz, they’ve made this one, which starts with “To God’s Elect: Leave Sweden NOW!!!”

They say “WE PRAY FOR ALL 20,000 SWEDES IN THE TSUNAMI’S WAKE TO BE DECLARED DEAD!”, not even caring whether people among those dead shared the same opinion as them about homosexualism and other issues. It kinda proves my hypothesis of fanatical-self-centerism: every fanatic thinks “god is with me only, and to hell with everybody else - even people from my own church!”

Oh, they also hate Canada:

If this goes one, where will they want their “elects” to live?


WBC members have been arrested at Ottawa’s International Airport upon entering Canada to picket Parliament and burn the Canadian flag.

Oh, how unfair, isn’t it? I wonder what’d happen if I burned a WBC flag on the entrance of a WBC temple.

On an unrelated note, I was all O_o after seeing this:

There is no hope for Canada. God hates Canada!

And the actual site 404s.

I know, it’s vindictive, but still…

Weird, I thought it was “God Hates Faqs”, not “God Hates Fags”. Boy was I ever surprised.

Wow they actually mention Kansas. That’s my state :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay, so I’m not a total moron! :smiley:

I should make a web site called

If anybody missed it, I have the HTML and files of the hacked page.

I failed too see a hacked site. I’d like to see it.

Nope, I read “faqs” too. Blame computer addiction. o.o

Seriously, Spaz, do you just look up “Crap” on google, and then make a topic and post a link?

<a href=“”>Actually there’s some cool stuff among it.</a>

Jesus Christ.

Normally I don’t cheer hackers on, but… you go, guys!

Isn’t there a contradiction there? :3